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Today PlayStation 4 developer @XVortex kicked us out of the kitchen by announcing that his PKG Kitchen is no longer needed, and introduced his latest GP4 Generator all-in-one utility called GenGP4 which combined with the FTP server is everything you need to dump PlayStation 4 games including a more reliable tree-decrypting method alongside shorter instructions below! :D

Download: gengp4.exe / (641 KB) / ps4-dumper.bin / GIT

To quote: "No more .pkg extraction, .pfs extraction, file merging etc. FTP server dumps the game to HDD folder, then gp4gen sanitizes this folder and generates the .gp4."
GP4Gen (Replaces PKG Kitchen) by XVortex, PS4 FTP via Webpage.jpg

To quote from @XVortex's condensed guide on using GenGP4:

1) Turn on the console, insert disc (or run psn title), install all game patches;
2) Plug-in the USB stick, run the ps4-dumper payload (.bin or standalone);
3) Run your game, make sure to get main menu, minimize game (PS Button);
4) Wait till completion. When the process is finished the lights stop blinking
and console will shutdown automatically (it is normal, not a panic shutdown);
5) Turn on your console, remove disc, uninstall the game (for further testing);
6) On PC: Plug-in the USB Stick, then open gengp4.exe, point into CUSAxxxxx dir
and press Generate .GP4, You should get the 'Done.', then press Save .GP4;
7) Open .gp4 in the orbis-pub-gen and build .pkg file
(You can get the orbis-pub-gen tool via PKG_Fake_Generator);
8) Run PS4HEN payload, install and test your .pkg;
9) Enjoy.

GenGP4 (Replaces PKG Kitchen) by XVortex, PS4 FTP via Webpage.jpg


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