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Should PS5 Games Require an Internet Connection for Single Player?

  • Yes, welcome to 2020!

    Votes: 41 6.7%
  • No, welcome to 1984.

    Votes: 236 38.6%
  • I won't buy PS5 Games with Mandatory Online Requirements!

    Votes: 334 54.7%

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With upcoming PS5 Games retailing at $69.99 Each for standard versions, many would think PlayStation 5 titles like Godfall would allow single player (offline mode) if you don't have an Internet connection or have poor / metered bandwidth... but the official site states Online Play Required with a Godfall Developer recently confirming this suspicion on Twitter stating, to quote:

"Godfall is not a service game, but does require an internet connection to play."

Beyond any 'big brother' concerns, many users claim Always-on DRM digital rights management such as Sony's SecuROM or Irdeto's Denuvo is notorious for slowing down video games so it will be interesting to see how the PlayStation 5 handles it. šŸ§

Previously we saw a Godfall PS5 Reveal Trailer, Godfall PS5 Gameplay, Godfall Hinterclaw PS5 Trailer, Godfall PS5 Dual in 4K, Godfall PS5 Combat Trailers and most recently a Godfall Cinematic Intro Trailer video.

Here's to hoping as the PS5 Scene gets underway hackers will deliver what disadvantaged gamers are seeking... being able to play PlayStation 5 games in single player mode offline similar to what PS4 Scene release group DUPLEX did removing the mandatory online and title update requirement checks. :sneaky:

:poll: Let us know your thoughts in the PS5 Forum comments and our latest PSXHAX Site Poll that asks the question:
  • Should PS5 Games Require an Internet Connection for Single Player?
PlayStation 5 Sneak Preview - Godfall
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Godfall on PlayStation 5: The Next-Gen Tech Breakdown
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It's rather dumb when a single player game requires internet connection but some co-op games don't and allow you to just play without these functions.


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That's just $ony shooting themselves in the foot again. @ $69 No thanks. No reason for single player games to have online requirement.


It isn't up to Sony that games are 70 dollars except their own games. Publishers will all increase their prices for Xbox too, they get to choose their games' price, not Microsoft and not Sony.


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this is sh!t. I am a single player guy and I have a sh!tty metered connection. definitely not buying any game that requires online to function.
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