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Last month he shared a PS4 Userland Printf Driver with Usermode Printf to Klog recently added by @zecoxao to the latest HEN (PS4 HEN v1.8 Live Demo / GIT) for PS2 / PSP emulator classics debugging, and following PRXtoSPRX this weekend PlayStation 4 developer @cfwprophet of made available a GODMODE.prx driver module for scene devs to make use of in PS4 homebrew as requested. :geek:

Download: GODMODE.rar / / GIT

To quote from the file: GODMODE prx for PS4

Since requested here it is: Used eversions trick of fw version resolving on kernel level to build a dynamically resolved Prison break and most important patches prx. Currently FW's 4.55, 5.01 and 5.05 are supported.

Run "Kamehameha();" once at startup of your userland app code.

Credits to eversion for his fw version resolving trick.
Special thx to XDPX for pointing my nose onto.
Greets to all Geeks.
GODMODE.prx PRX File for PS4 Developers by CFWProphet Arrives.jpg


Not open for further replies.

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