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Following the GoldHEN 1.00 and GoldHEN 1.1 revisions, I look forward to trying the latest GoldHEN 2.0b2 PS4 Homebrew Enabler with BinLoader Server by SiSTR0 via @Al Azif on Twitter to run PS4 PKG Games as my PlayStation 4 Pro is very, very stubborn. 🐥

:idea: With the recently updated Payload Guest PS4 PKG, fixed sender.exe package installer binary and Beta GoldHEN 2.0 Bin Loader included PlayStation 4 Scene developer Al Azif notes it's only necessary to exploit ONCE and run as many PS4 Payloads as desired without having to re-exploit the PS4 console for each.

Download: GoldHEN_v2.0b2.7z (1.04 MB - GoldHEN v2.0b2 Payload for 9.00 Firmware Latest Version - includes goldhen_2.0b2_505.bin, goldhen_2.0b2_672.bin, goldhen_2.0b2_702.bin, goldhen_2.0b2_750.bin, goldhen_2.0b2_751.bin, goldhen_2.0b2_755.bin, goldhen_2.0b2_900.bin and goldhen_2.0b2_900.bin) / GIT / Al Azif's DNS / Payload Loader for GoldHEN 2.0 / PS-Phwoar! with Goldhen 2.0b for 5.05

Spoiler: Depreciated

To use, after Exploiting Your PS4 Console simply send the payload using the tools and following the guides all linked HERE in the article.

:alert: If you haven't read our stance on clone host menus do it now, spammers get banned from the forums as scene devs already confirmed the exploit code used is the same.

From the included GoldHEN - PS4 Homebrew Enabler
  _________________  .____  ________    ___ ______________ _______
 /  _____________  \ |    | \______ \  /   |   \_   _____/ \      \
/   \  ___  /   |   \|    |  |    |  \/    ~    \    __)_  /   |   \
\    \_\  \/    |    \    |__|    `   \    Y    /        \/    |    \
 \______  /\_______  /_______ \_____  /\___|_  /_______  /\____|__  /
        \/         \/        \/     \/       \/        \/         \/
                              Coded By
        _________.__  ____________________________ ________
       /   _____/|__|/   _________    _________   \\_____  \
       \_____  \ |  |\_____  \   |    |  |       _/ /   |   \
       /        \|  |/        \  |    |  |    |   \/    |    \
      /_______  /|__/_______  /  |____|  |____|_  /\_________/
              \/            \/                  \/
  • Homebrew Enabler
  • Debug Settings
  • VR Support
  • Remote Package Install
  • Rest Mode Support
  • External HDD Support
  • Official External HDD Format Support
  • Debug Trophies Support
  • sys_dynlib_dlsym Patch
  • UART Enabler
  • Never Disable Screenshot
  • Remote Play Enabler
  • FW Update Block
  • FTP Server on 2121 port
  • BinLoader Server on 9090 port
  • CE-30391-6 Error CMOS Fix
⚠️ Warnings

The BinLoader server is in an experimental phase but in any case there are several payloads around, some even not very well done, which can also be harmful and in the best case only crash the console. So use it with caution. I have tried to work out to support all payloads possible but no guarantees can be given on this. Obviously I do not take any responsibility in case of use of payloads not made by me.


Coded by SiSTRo

Special thanks:
Greeting to other devs:

Project source code is currently private because over time I have seen a sad abuse of the source code that I, like the previous devs who worked on it, have been pleased to make it available to everyone to study and maybe improve it.


Consider donating by this link if you like GoldHEN and want to support my work.



  • Improved BinLoader server (still beta version)
  • Added BinLoader server (beta version)
  • Added UI menu
  • Improved stability and FTP server
  • Fixed trophy timestamps
  • Improved stability and FTP server
  • Public release
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GoldHEN v2.0b by SiSTR0 with PS4 7.55, 7.51, 7.50, 7.02, 6.72 & 5.05 Payloads!.png



Senior Member
I used GoldHen v2.0 and run some payloads through a web page separate to the host page and stuck ps4 in rest mode. Next time I woke up the ps4, the payloads I had run pinged up as running again without the need to go back through the Web page.

Seems pukka to me and the whole exploit is coming trumps. Excellent work from all developers


Hi guys! I'm having issues using the new goldHEN feature of sending payloads directly without having to jb again. I am on 7.55 and I'm using the ps4punch 7.55 payload sender to connect and send the linux 1GB bin payload.

The payload is received but not executed. I get the notification of payload received and then nothing happens, the system just idles like nothing happened.

Linux isn't loaded but when I try the normal way (aka jb again) it works fine. Am I doing something wrong or goldHEN cannot be used for dual boot purposes?

Any help is highly appreciated :)


Senior Member
@Archi55 So i finally installed a fpkg from the GoldHen menu. But still, i would rather not use that menu. I was excited about the binloader but it seems like being so unstable that you would also rather not use it. Unless you like kernel panics.

I find webkit more useful in this case... It is only 2 out of 15 times it actually loads the bin files i send. The other 13 times i only get a "Payload received" message and then the ps4 would slowly get stuck and crash. Btw i'm on 6.72 too


Some games have a lower firmware requirement, made with a lower firmware, and easily backported.

Has anyone had success with webrte working after rest mode, I'm not sure if I'm missing something, when I first used goldhen 2.0 it worked after rest mode, but now it's not, have to restart ps4 and run exploit again, I'm on 7.55 ps4 pro.