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Does Google's Stadia Gaming Platform Interest You?

  • Yes, and I plan to subscribe when it launches!

    Votes: 21 10.8%
  • Yes, but not enough to become a subscriber yet.

    Votes: 54 27.8%
  • No. Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are enough.

    Votes: 31 16.0%
  • No, subscription services are a waste of money.

    Votes: 88 45.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
The annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019 is underway and runs throughout the week from March 18th to March 22nd in San Francisco, California. :giggle:

Formerly known as Project Stream while in development, today Google announced their cloud gaming subscription-based service Stadia via Twitter complete with Stadia Developer applications being taken and an Official Site now online as the AAA video game platform is currently slated for a 2019 launch.

According to Wikipedia, since the games are hosted on Google's servers Stadia needs no additional hardware... only requiring the device to have an Internet connection and support for their Google Chrome browser.

:poll: Check out the Stadia videos below, and let us know in the Site Poll if you plan to jump on the bandwagon for Google's new gaming service or not!

To quote: Stadia works atop YouTube's functionality in streaming media to the user, as game streaming is seen as an extension of watching video game live streams, according to Google's Phil Harrison; the name "Stadia", plural of "stadium", is meant to reflect that it will be a collection of entertainment, of which the viewer can choose to sit back and watch, or take an active part in.

Google Stadia Gaming Platform Officially Announced at GDC 2019.jpg



@Zoilus you speak as if everyone has a 1gbps line at home, lot of people still have adsl, I'm curious to see 4K at 60fps on a 12mbps line, not saying it's impossible, just curious to see it.


Senior Member
@Zoilus ... Read up? People do not need to read what they already lived through. Over 40yrs of gaming experience...

So I will explain what I meant by my 2d humor comment ...

By 2028.... We should have a "hollow deck" in every house... Not a Google streaming device...

Star Trek and back to the future showed us this... Come on people!!!!


Senior Member
@skaazi sooooo everybody right now who plays online has a 1GB internet? Last time I checked they don't and it seems that there's quite a few online players... just saying. And depending on which stats you go by, between 70% to 90% of new game purchases are done so digitally, not hard copy.

Those people downloading all those games, have fast enough internet. Also these companies don't care about whether you can afford or have fast internet, thats a YOU problem. Bottom line is to make money, and if 8 or 9 out of every 10 games bought are being downloaded, if there's a large online community which there is on both ps4 and XB1... then thats enough.

What they need to make even more money is already in place on the consumer end.

Can't stop progress, this is how's its gonna be.


@Zoilus sooooo you compare streaming 4K data (lots of megabytes per second) with multiplayer game data (few kilobytes per second), cool.

I have 120mbps line, so we cool with me saying there is people still on ADSL? I know of people living in the center of Munich with ADSL as only option, you might be aware that Munich is not a small 3rd country village in the middle of mountains.

I could also say that downloading a game ONCE is not at all the same as constant streaming since you can let it download over the night and once it completed download you can even go to a remote island without any internet, but I won't say anything hehe.

Ha ha, ha ha ... ha. How me NOT giving THEM MY money makes it MY problem?

Please continue, I have much fun reading your comments.


Senior Member
Imagine streaming ..sorry "playing" a game at 4K for 10 hours, but when you download games to your gaming console's a one time thing, so what they said about NO DOWNLOADS needed was a lie, streaming games is all about constant downloading... non-stop, you're downloading data as you play until you stop playing


Senior Member
@skaazi #1 this is not going to be streaming in
4k at least not now maybe there might be an option for it, but 4k broadcasting hasn't even happened yet so where did you get 4k from. You need to comprehend what I'm saying which clearly you don't... right now, the internet most people have especially those that play online/download games is fine for stadia! when I said others will go this route like sony and MS, I said in 8, 10 ...maybe 12 years from now , I didn't say tomorrow, so learn to comprehend whats written. Oh and playing online with games like cod, fortnite..etc thats more than a few KB lmao

you asked , well what about people who don't have internet or fast enough internet... so I said that those companies don't care about that. they care about those that do. they couldn't care less if you spend money on them or not... others will.

@Scarrus yeah trolls working for other companies.... nice call you better hurry up and put on your tinfoil hat... the wifi 5G microwaves are picking up your brain data and sending the converted output to government agencies who can't wait to unlock the secrets of your.... pron passwords!!! yikes ... i swear the crap you kids just make up from thin air is beyond insanity.

@GamerX2 if what you are saying is true, then streaming anything for several hours would fill up you storage space on your device to the point where its completely full... that doesn't happen, there might be some cache going on, or a small amount of data being put in a "temp" location that gets deleted and re-written ...but downloading to the point where its actually taking up hdd space.... no that won't be happening.

oh and just for the record.... I hate this idea.... when the industry moves to this, I will be playing all the games from the 8-bit to to this current gen era that I haven't played. from old school arcade games I never got around to play, to ps2/3/4 games and XB1 and switch ...thousands of games... but this being constantly online bs, nope I won't spend a .01 on it.

I always said the minute physical games end on consoles, that will be it for me and I will stick to the old and classic stuff. I won't buy those consoles or the services... etc not for me.


@Zoilus in which cave do you live? Of course there is 4K streaming and broadcasting, Japan already broadcasts 8K.

You might also want to try to go back to school and learn to read proper, it's google that said it will be 4K at 60.

Analyze your network data when you are playing online before making a fool of yourself publicly.

If you really are a developer, you obviously are not even remotely related to networking, that's obvious.
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