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Does Google's Stadia Gaming Platform Interest You?

  • Yes, and I plan to subscribe when it launches!

    Votes: 21 10.8%
  • Yes, but not enough to become a subscriber yet.

    Votes: 54 27.8%
  • No. Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are enough.

    Votes: 31 16.0%
  • No, subscription services are a waste of money.

    Votes: 88 45.4%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
The annual Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019 is underway and runs throughout the week from March 18th to March 22nd in San Francisco, California. :giggle:

Formerly known as Project Stream while in development, today Google announced their cloud gaming subscription-based service Stadia via Twitter complete with Stadia Developer applications being taken and an Official Site now online as the AAA video game platform is currently slated for a 2019 launch.

According to Wikipedia, since the games are hosted on Google's servers Stadia needs no additional hardware... only requiring the device to have an Internet connection and support for their Google Chrome browser.

:poll: Check out the Stadia videos below, and let us know in the Site Poll if you plan to jump on the bandwagon for Google's new gaming service or not!

To quote: Stadia works atop YouTube's functionality in streaming media to the user, as game streaming is seen as an extension of watching video game live streams, according to Google's Phil Harrison; the name "Stadia", plural of "stadium", is meant to reflect that it will be a collection of entertainment, of which the viewer can choose to sit back and watch, or take an active part in.

Google Stadia Gaming Platform Officially Announced at GDC 2019.jpg



Senior Member
@skaazi look I'm done arguing with your little brain... but 8k in japan.... ok do you live in japan? do I ? is it the standard globally? So you play online and you think you're a networking god?? lmao silly rabbit ...god you millennials are dumb &^$#s i swear.

In the U.S. we are still waiting for 4k broadcasting to become the standard. Do you know what broadcasting is? My point was on something different, again comprehension... you clearly don't have it. If Google can make streaming 4k at 60 using only 30mbps which is what they said, then that shoots down your theory that you need to have super hyper 1GB internet because a phone can hit that number. So there's nothing for me to analyse in my network as my roll of toilet paper can get 30mbps.

But all the more reason why the console is going bye bye if google succeeds with streaming that high quality at such low mbps or even comes close to it, then the big boys will either make cheap proprietary stream boxes or they'll just let 3rd parties make them because apparently you'll be able to stream on supped up raspberry pi type micro pc or even a cheap phone.


Dude, I'm 36yo, you obviously are not older than 16yo, so keep your "millennial" comments for yourself, you no more than a script kiddie.

Now I'm going to teach a thing since you are so smart I let you calculate how much data per second is needed to reach 100MB in an hour.

And you know what, US not having 4K broadcast makes it a YOU problem, if we follow your flawless logic.

But please continue, each comment you post makes you dig your own hole a bit further, let's continue having fun.


Interesting though slightly unrelated that people are buying vinyls and audio cassettes in droves. So these subscription services while nice to have will never have some kind of people subscribe. I prefer to have my pkg and nsp and fitgirl tweaked installer files backed up, thanks. Just in case.


Senior Member
@skaazi now you're just going around in circles, who asked for calculating 100MB in an hour?? WTF did you come up with that? And I'm telling you that 4k broadcasting isn't here yet as its not the global standard. that was a response to you saying that japan is already doing 8k which i'm sure is not even the standard there. As far as age, yeah 36 makes YOU the millennial oops! Im already at almost half a century.. so yeah I dont qualify under millennial , I'm an Gen X'er. Sorry.

And you keep saying I'm digging a hole? what hole, nothing I've said is wrong and you response by rambling stuff that wasn't even in the discussion just to try to make yourself look good... ha... typical millennial! You even think 36yrs old means you got wisdom... straight up foolish. Oh just so you know ... you will never get the last word, so stop wasting your time.


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@skaazi ok trump jr. you would've if you could've of! You started off by saying we all will need 1GB internet, then you cried because what about people who didn't have internet speed and then you went off on a tangent and looped stuff all around.

And what on earth have you even contributed to the community since apparently you think you know so much! Lets see what work out there for any of the modding hacking communities has your name on it? Let's see those brains you think you have.

You call other people kiddo but you act just like one, but at 36yrs old you are a millennial, soooooooo ....

you want me to call you a WAHmbulance?



And now I have to waste 5 minutes of my time to teach a kiddo...

Title Data Per Hour
Fortnite data usage 100MB
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 data usage 80MB

100MB per hour, you need ADSL 256 kbit/s and will get the 100MB in 00h54m36

List of 4K television channels
Fashion 4K
Festival 4K
High 4K TV
4K UltraHD FunBox[190]
beIN Sports 4K (Spain)
BT Sport 4K UHD[191]
Digi 4K
Digiturk UHD[193]
Fashion TV 4K
Insight[194] UHD
Movistar Fórmula 1 UHD[195]
Movistar Partidazo UHD[196]
National Geographic
Pearl TV[197]
QVC Deutschland
RAI 4K[198]
RMC Sport 1
RTL UHD[192]
SES Ultra HD Demo Channel
SFR Sport 4K
Sky 1
Sky Atlantic
Sky Sports
Sport TV 4K UHD[199][200]
Tricolor Ultra HD[201]
Viasat Ultra HD
Sportklub 4K
BTV (Botswana)
E BS 4K (Ethiopia)
Nahoo sports+UHD (Ethiopia)
Nahoo sports+2 UHD (Ethiopia)
ETV sports UHD (Ethiopia)
Kana TV 4K (Ethiopia)
Sportsnet 4K and Sportsnet One 4K (Canada)
TSN 4K and TSN 2 4K (Canada)
Hispasat TV 4K (Latin America)
Fashion One 4K
DirecTV 4K and DirecTV Cinema 4K (USA)
Insight UHD
The Country Network
Cable 4K[202]
KBS1 UHD[203]
MBC UHD[203]
SBS UHD[203]
KNN UHD[203]
KBC UHD[203]
TBC UHD[203]
TJB UHD[203]
UBC UHD[203]
G1 UHD[203]
Insight UHD
SBS Plus UHD[204]
UHD Dream TV
Tata Sky 4K (India)
Now 4K World Cup (Hong Kong)
Bol Network Pakistan
Hum News Pakistan
Kan11 4K (Israel)
NHK BS 4K (Japan)
NHK BS 8K (Japan)
BS Asahi 4K
BS TV Tokyo 4K
BS Fuji 4K
4K QVC (Japan)
J Sports (Japan)
Star Channel 4K (Japan)
Sukachan 4K (Japan)
Japanese movie + Jidaigeki 4K
VTVcab 4K (Vietnam)
SCTV 4K (Vietnam)

I do know, you in the other don't seem to, lmao...

Same logic, lmao...

So you can play with your toilet paper while we play games, lmao...

Yes, I am 36yo, yes I'm a millennial, my point was to say that that generation opened all the doors for your generation to be able play the script kiddie and boast in discord, so you can keep your comments to yourself about millennials, you should praise the millennials. Oh, did I say I was 36yo? If not, then I am 36yo.

Also, you can call me all american president names if it makes you feel good, idc, hell, you can even call me African president names for all I care, lmao...

And this will be the rest of the time I will waste with a 8yo mentality kiddo that thinks he's the man because he has a developer badge (lmao for that badge)




Senior Member
@skaazi lmao .. that whole post which didn't take you 5 mins took you more like a week and was completely pointless because it just proves exactly what I said... that 4K isn't the standard globally otherwise every single channel on earth would be in 4k and it wouldn't require a list... but for some reason you somehow took that as me saying that there are no 4k channels? dude seriously, read and understand what people are posting, your list just proved me right....awesome!

The other thing, why are you so hell bent on your 100MB an hour??? What I clearly said is that you don't need super fast internet to make stadia work according to them ...around 30Mbits! and who cares about 100MB ? that ONLY matters if your internet is monthly capped. And if your internet speed is in Kbits ... then obviously stadia and online gaming will not work... but that wasn't my point, it was that it won't require 1Gbit internet speed like you were saying.

Also dude, the toilet paper I said means that the require speed of stadia is so low that even toilet paper can achieve that... it wouldn't actually mean you would be playing with toilet paper means it would be acting as the hot spot since even it can connect at the require speed... but you didn't even understand that and think its something you would play with?

More and more with every post you show how little you comprehend what I write and how you get so easily triggered and then post up a bunch of copy and paste stuff which is exactly what a millennial kid does... you seriously are acting what you're calling me but don't see it? foolish. Please spend more of your life wasted on responding to me, I love how easily you're so triggered like whiny baby.
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