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While not actually playable yet, developer Inori (InoriAsuka on Twitter) announced the GPCS4 PS4 emulator for PC now supports the commercial PSN game We Are Doomed which boots and runs noting that there's currently no optimizations at all and the FPS is very low at the moment. 😍

Download: GPCS4 (Latest Build) / / GIT

This comes following the Nucleus PS3 / PS4 PC Emulator, Orbital PS4 Emulator, Spine PS4 Emulator and a PS4 Compatibility Layer Uplift for Orbis on Windows. 🤓

Below are some demonstration videos from Asuka Langley's YouTube Channel, with a dedicated GPCS4 Discord Channel for continued development and from the GPCS4

A PlayStation 4 emulator just begin.
A project for fun, and technical research.

The only reason I start this project is learning 3D graphics, nothing serious.

Latest progress

First commercial game support, We are Doomed. Thanks for our developers. It's not playable now, since the FPS is very low, because there's no optimizations at all currently.

GPCS4 will recompile all shaders, untiling all textures and upload all buffers every frame, making it less efficient. Besides, there're still some problems on game pad emulation. Will improve these things step by step.

First correct image rendered, although this is a 2D image demo, it's actuall rendered in 3D pipeline. There're still some hardcode test code, but with more design, and most important, this time with our shader translator, no hand write shaders anymore.

Next I'll focus on Nier and improve the graphics implementation. This is a previous running result of Nier:Automata, not correct though, I'll improve it.


Read our Developer Guide

For more details you could join our discord server to contact with me, or if you are used to Tencent QQ/TIM, just join our group. Here you can get more resources which are very usefull for developing.

To run or develop GPCS4, a CPU supporting AVX512 together with a graphics card supporting Vulkan are required.
Currently, only Windows build is supported.
For more details, see Developer Guide

[GPCS4] A Real PlayStation 4 emulator runs a demo

This emulator is at a very early stage, and can only run some demos or loading logos. Unlike Orbital which is a low level emulator, GPCS4 is a high level emulator, something works like wine.

The project is open source, welcome to join us if you are interested in this and have proper ability:

[GPCS4] PlayStation 4 emulator demo

Just a bug fix.
[GPCS4] Emulate We are doomed successfully
GPCS4 PS4 Emulator for PC by Inori Runs We are Doomed PSN Game!.jpg



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It sounds like he's using a different approach than @AlexAltea as he wrote in the notes:

Unlike Orbital which is a low level emulator, GPCS4 is a high level emulator, something works like wine.


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But, other than the fps, this emulator can actually load a commercial game! Doesn't that mean it have the keys to decrypt commercial games. Can't this keys be used in a ps4 in something like multiman? Well, this is just baseless speculations of mine. Maybe i'm just talking nonsense :p
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