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Well after news that SilicaAndPina claims to have a PS4 Browser Crash for the latest PlayStation 4 Firmware (AKA Don't Crash) from the Source Code it appears to use the PSNS: code which only loads PSN Store and is able to select products via command instead of going through PSN Store itself.

It looks like some people don't understand what PSNS does or how it works? So people say this only works for PS Vita, well for a fact it will work with PS3 and PS4.

This Game Meta is from my PS Account:

Spoiler: Game Meta

After Grabbing your Game Meta from PS Store using Extreme PKG Grabber (If its called that) locate your PS4 Games:

PS: Latest Brought Games are always Located At The Bottom


Find the Product ID on The Game you selected:


After When you Found it Add it to this PSNS Extension:
COD: Infinite Warfare Beta: psns:browse?product=EP0002-CUSA05378_00-CODIWBETA0000001 <- Like this

Battlefield 1 Beta:  psns:browse?product=EP0006-CUSA05244_00-TBETA00000000000 <- Like this
Afterwards Just Enter on Your Browser :p

Thanks to @Nesterwork for the information :p
Grabbing PSNS Product Codes and How to Guide.jpg


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