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We've covered PS4 Decrypted Tunables, Starter Packs, an After Hours Nightclub, PlayStation 4 Glitching, the Diamond Casino & Resort update and now Chiggy Playz shared on Github a Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA Online) PS4 Bunker Automation Utility (Bunker.Automation.Utility.exe) for Windows 10 when you're away from the console. :sneaky:

Download: Bunker-Automation-Utility.Setup.exe / GIT

And from the Bunker Automation Utility

This is a tool for automating bunker supplies and going afk while you are away from your PS4. No ads, Free updates and bug fixes.


Get the latest version here.

  1. Windows 10
  2. Remote Play
  3. Good Internet connection
Get started in 7 simple steps.
  1. Download BAU from link above
  2. Install Remote Play here.
  3. Run the Bunker-Automation-Utility.exe Setup and follow on screen instructions.
  4. Start Remote Play and connect to your PS4.
  5. Make sure your character is in the bunker and standing on the right side of the chair such that he can see the option that he has to register as MC or CEO in order to access the laptop. (Please do not become a CEO or MC as this would lead to loss). If you are still unsure about how to stand, click here.
  6. Run Bunker Automation Utility.exe Present on your Desktop or in your start menu. Set the Number of minutes. Set the number of resupply. Press Submit and leave the mouse. You are done.
  7. DO NOT shut down you computer or close Remote Play window.
How does it work?
  1. The program emulates a Dual Shock 4 Controller. Thus it is capable of sending input to the Remote Play window. (HUGE THANKS TO ViGEm and Nefarious Software Solutions.)
  2. This allows the program to go afk, i.e. move your camera round and round. This also allows the program to buy the supplies automatically. And that is all the logic behind the program.
  3. What you have to do is very simple. Just set number of minutes until next resupply, and the total number of resupplies you want to do. That's it on your part. Rest of it will be automatic.
Will this get me banned? Short Answer, NO.

NO. You will NOT get banned. There is 0% chance that you will get banned. How do I know this? According to the game, you are just seeing round and round. It does not care how your character is moving.

The game does not know that it is being played through Remote Play. There is no algorithm made by Rockstar to detect whether someone is AFK'ing. Therefore there is NO Chance that you will get banned or anything.

What happens after pressing the button?
  1. The PS4 Remote Play screen will automatically be brought to focus.
  2. The character will start looking around him so as to not get kicked for being idle. He will do this for the number of minutes you have set.
  3. After the Number of Minutes ending, the character will automatically become a CEO, Resupply the stock, and Retire from CEO. Thats it. This process repeats for the number of time you have set.
Trouble Shooting:

Discord Server:
Bunker Automation Utility

How to stand?
Grand Theft Auto Online PS4 Bunker Automation Utility by Chiggy Playz.jpg

This is how you are supposed to stand. On the side of the chair with the pop up for "Please register as CEO or MC".

Exception Thrown Error:

This error means that you have not installed ViGEm Bus Drivers Properly. Make sure that you have restarted the PC after installing. If the problem still persists, try re-installing.



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I notice since this was originally posted the developer updated the app several times with bug fixes and updates, the latest version is available HERE from a few hours ago worth a try. ;)

Any issues can also be reported HERE, chances are the developer won't seen them on the forums as he wasn't registered here last I checked.
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