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Since the Grand Theft Auto Online PS4 After Hours Nightclub update release, some PlayStation 4 Grand Theft Auto V glitches have been discovered by GTA V hackers with a compilation of the recent findings below. :D

Here are some on some of the latest Grand Theft Auto 5 glitch guides with demonstration videos, including a Teleport Glitch, Dupe Glitch with Teleport and God Mode for Teleport via GlitchSquad, to quote:

:arrow: Teleport Glitch
  • Founder of the new reset: Cyteex
  • Founder of the teleport: jbtw1
  • PS4
  • Friend in the same aim mode as you

1 - Enter Creator, go to create a Last Team Standing and fill out the name, description and take the photo
2 - In details set min teams to 2 and max teams to 2 as well
3 - Place trigger, take lobby photo, set play bounds to 60m and place it
4 - Place team start point for team 1
5 - Go to props, activate prop stacking and place 65 of the construction fences (hold R1 to rotate and spam X until you have 65)
6 - Save the LTS you created
7 - Now go to Online -> Play GTA Online -> Closed friends session and then go back into creator from there (this adds lag to the creator menu which we need)
8 - In creator go to load creation -> Saved and find your created LTS (don't choose it yet)
9 - Now press X and half a second later Options (not at the same time and not too fast back to back)
10 - You should see the start menu without a loading swoosh on the bottom right (if there is a loading swoosh repeat from step 7)
11 - Now press the PS Button and find a recent activity which says 'Start GTA Online' on the bottom right, press it -> nothing should happen ingame
12 - Tell your friend to join a friends session and start up any R* created mission, he has to wait on the job settings screen (don't start it completely)
13 - Find your friend in your PSN friends list and click on his name, hover over 'Join Session'

- This part is timing sensitive and depends on your internet connection speed -

Slow Internet:

14 - Join your friend, wait for the first black alert screen, count to 6, press X to accept, second black alert screen comes up, count to 10, press Circle to decline

Fast Internet:

14 - Join your friend, wait for the first black alert screen, count to 3, press X to accept, second black alert screen comes up, count to 6, press Circle to decline

- If these timings do not work for you, you have to find the timings fitting your connection speed on your own -

15 - You should be back in the LTS settings but frozen, now you have to unfreeze yourself with the help of your friend
16 - Tell your friend to change his aim mode to something else than you have and join a new friends session
17 - Join your friend, accept first alert screen, decline second alert screen if you want to change your aim mode -> you should be unfrozen
18 - Place the job trigger again

- Now there are 2 scenarios which could happen, you can check if you hit the glitch directly or not by pressing Options -

19a - It says 'Creator' on the top left of the start menu, then you hit it already and continue to step 23
19b - It says 'Grand Theft Auto V' on the top left of the start menu, then you have to do additional steps to rescue the glitch

20 - Go to team start points, add a start point for team 2, back out of the menu and test the LTS
21 - After you've tested it back out of the test, press Options again and it should say 'Creator' on top left instead of 'Grand Theft Auto V' now
22 - Go to team start points, switch to team 2, go over the point you created in step 21 and delete it with Square, back out of the menu

23 - Go to props, cycle items, press left on D-Pad to get to 65/65 and press Circle quickly (this is buggy, you have to back out of the menu quickly after you see 65/65)
24 - Now go to team start points, press down on D-Pad once to hover over cycle items
25 - Press touchpad on controller to switch the camera
26 - Once you're on the street, press down on D-Pad to activate the menu on top left
27 - Now you have to be quick.. press touchpad again to switch camera back and start spamming left on D-Pad immediately -> Creator menu should vanish and you should just have a minimap (this is the reset)

- If you end back up on the eagle eye view you have to repeat from step 25 -

28 - Press Options -> Online -> Play GTA Online -> Go
29 - You should now be able to teleport online via the map in the start menu

:arrow: Dupe Glitch with Teleport


  • 10 Car garage with TV
  • Bunker with MOC and personal vehicle storage in bay 3
  • Nightclub with any garage
  • Retro in MOC (iFruit Plate is not needed)
  • RH8s in NC Garages (1 RH8 per dupe)
  • Public Lobby with at least 15 players in it
  • Teleport active

1 - Set your player search to 'Closed' in Start Menu -> Online -> Options -> Player Search -> Closed
2 - Go to your 10 car garage, turn on the Radio and then activate the TV, switch channel to spectate users, back out with Circle
3 - Stand infront of the TV, open up your phone -> Quick jobs -> Heists -> Join Lobby Direct


4 - While you're searching for the Heist listen to the radio, as soon as the radio station switches to another station on its own this means you're about to find a lobby, now count to 3 or 4 (this timing depends on your connection speed, so variate it on your own needs) and press right on the D-Pad

- If you hit it right you will get sucked into the clouds and then into the TV to the spectator channel, if not then you have to redo step 3 and 4 -

5 - After 10 seconds back out of the spectator channel with Circle, you should have no minimap
6 - Open your phone -> Internet -> Options button ->Teleport yourself out of the garage onto the street


7 - You have to open your phone -> Internet -> Options button -> Teleport yourself to your bunker
8 - At your bunker open interaction menu -> MOC -> request personal vehicle -> get into it and drive it into the bunker
9 - In the bunker park the car on the platform and get out of the car, don't leave the bunker on foot
10 - Open up your phone -> Internet -> Options button -> Teleport yourself to your Nightclub
11 - Enter NC garage which has RH8s in it, get into RH8 and drive out -> RH8 should disappear
12 - Wait until you can move again (important), after you can move again open your phone -> Internet -> Options button -> Teleport yourself to your bunker
13 - Get into bunker, the Retro should still be on the platform, get into it -> its plate should change -> save it in MOC
14 - Get into Retro in MOC again and drive it out, park it on the platform and teleport back to the NC to make the next dupe

Rinse and repeat are steps 9-14.

:arrow: God Mode for Teleport
  • Founder: nhjyys
1. Enter night club garage B2.
2. Go to the garage at the entrance to the nightclub.
3. Loading at the bottom When the loading starts, press the Home button once, and press it again to return to the game.
4. If you go to the nightclub garage entrance, you can go out with TP.

Grand Theft Auto V PS4 Glitches with Demonstration Videos.jpg



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Lmfao all those steps just for game glitching lol thought it was more interesting. Slow week in the scene i take it thanks for the share none the less...
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