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The only thing more disgraceful than T2 Interactive's Lawsuits Against GTA Mod Fans is releasing GTA: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition full of buggy code that's inferior to work done and fixes by the homebrew development community comprised of Grand Theft Auto fans they're suing. :stinkeye:

That's exactly what happened when GTA: The Trilogy was available digitally on November 11th via PlayStation Store, before being pulled after pre-orders unlocked early (with a PS4 physical release slated for this December 7th) while the GTA Trilogy PC release was also pulled due to containing developer code / notes, glitches and missing music.

This latest chapter dubbed GTA: The Trilogy - The Definitive T2 Hot Mess Edition in our ongoing video game industry watchdog series comes following additional T2 removal requests of GTA Mods... including an unmodified GTA IV EFLC The Lost And Damned save game file with 65% of the story completed. :poop:

Whether karma chimes in on Take-Two Interactive's shameful actions in the form of a class action lawsuit over Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition as a result of Rockstar Games Launcher Failures, MetaCritic PC / PS4 / PS5 overwhelming dislike scores and releasing what describes as "nearly unplayable" remains to be seen. :tdown:

However, despite T2's frivolous legal threats modding fans continue to persevere with numerous GTA SA The Definitive Edition (GTA Trilogy) Mods on various sites like including a Fck You TakeTwo Shirt (pictured below) via Junior_Djjr and Better Rain among many others such as Better Road Textures for GTA III / Better Road Textures for Vice City by Instanity666 and the GTA SA Definitive Edition Natural Visuals Texture Overhaul by QTmodz at

Finally, according to several of the embedded Tweets leaked GTA III / GTA VC / San Andreas source code complete with a script compiler was found inside the PC release's .pak file, with further details via apdapreturns for those interested in GTA data mining, asset extraction, modding, etc.
Grand Theft Auto "Definitive" Edition is a Soulless Joke
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