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Following the previous GTA 5 Mod Menus and his Nice Fly / Firebreather Game Mods, PlayStation 4 developer @0x199 made available a GTA V Lotus Mod Menu for PS4 Firmware 5.05 on jailbroken consoles via Twitter with a demonstration video from his YouTube Channel below. (y)

Download: latest.bin (1.0 MB) / latest-474.bin (1.1 MB)

To quote from the release page on the GTA 5 Lotus Mod Menu: A powerful modmenu created for PS4 5.05 GTAV on TU 1.27.

Lotus Menu is a native-based modmenu for PlayStation 4, run on the 2much4u menu base. It features various unique options such as meteor rain, clear water, vehicle preview and more. Most DLC content is supported.

The menu is designed to be a easy to use, Rockstar-like menu. It can be switched to both the left and right side of the screen.

The menu design and options are inspired by various other menus, such as Azura, Lexicon and Epsilon.

  • 2much4u for helping out a lot! From the amazing menu base to code snippets, without 2much there simply wouldn't be Lotus.
  • EROOTIIK for answering all the questions I had, and for helping out with enabling the ground snow!
  • PlayStation 4 on firmware 5.05
  • Grand Theft Auto V (EU or US)
  • Patch 1.27 installed
GTA 5 - Lotus Mod Menu - PS4
GTA 5 PS4 Mod Menu - Lotus


1.00 - Release Date: 10-11-2018
  • Initial release
1.01 - Release Date: 17-11-2018
  • Player Options
    • Weapons will now stick while switching models if all weapons were given
    • Improved Super Run
  • NPC Manager: Manage All
    • Added Set/Unset All As Bodyguard (Max 7)
    • Added Formation option
    • Added Weapon option
    • Added Freeze Position option
    • Added Godemode option
    • Added Invisibility option
    • Added Accuracy option
    • Added Snaplines to spawned NPCs while in manager
    • Removed Bodyguard Blips (conflicting issue)
  • Vehicle Options
    • Vehicle Spawner: Added Offroad submenu (seems I forgot to add that one in the initial release)
    • Swapped various submenus
    • Improved Nitrous to be less aggressive, based on max vehicle speed
    • Added Skip Radio Forward option (only shows when radio is active)
1.02 - Release Date: 6-1-2019
  • Menu
    • Added Smoothscroll; Scrolling through the menu feels a lot smoother now
  • Player Options
    • Model Options: Added Marston and Brad's Corpse
      Fixed a bug causing Godmode to turn off when repeatedly teleporting
    • Fixed a bug causing the player to turn into Michael when playing as a protagonist (should only happen when playing as a NPC)
  • Weapon Options
    • Hash Gun now outputs the correct hash
  • Teleport Options
    • Improved Teleport to Waypoint by a lot, you now 99% always spawn on land instead of under the map or above it
    • Teleporting to a location now plays an "above the clouds" cam animation
  • Vehicle Options
    • Vehicle Spawner: Fixed a bug causing mission/rare vehicles to be skipped in the Vehicle Spawner menus
    • Player can now utilize Nitrous while in a boat, plane or helicopter
    • Fixed a bug causing the horn not to work after disabling Nitrous
    • Vehicles can now be driven again when fixed after they've exploded or have sunken
    • Vehicle radio will now be set back to the station you were listening to when spawning new vehicles
  • NPC Options
    • Added Task Options to NPC Manager: you can now order a NPC to do certain tasks, such as Wander, Use Phone, Rappel From Heli, and more
  • Object Options
    • Spawned objects now spawn in front of you instead of your exact location
    • Added clone option to the Object Manager
  • World Options
    • Pedestrian Options: Added Tasks submenu
    • Traffic Options: Added Tasks submenu
    • IPL Options: Added DLC IPL locations, such as Bunker, Import/Export Garage, Heist Carrier and Doomsday Facility
    • Added Noclip Bind; quickly enable/disable Noclip using Square + R1 (hold Square first)
    • Weather Options: Weather now switches smoothly between weather types
  • Misc Options
    • HUD Options: Display FPS and Display Coords don't overlap anymore when enabled together
    • HUD Options: FPS and Coords are now displayed next to the minimap instead of at the top of the screen
  • Settings
    • Added Header Glare Toggle, which is disabled by default
In other PlayStation 4 scene news SocraticBliss shared an updated PS4 PKG header structure with developers on the Dev Wiki, to quote:

While most of the PS4 is little endian, the package file header still uses big endianness as the headers are based on their PS3 predecessors.
typedef struct {
   uint32_t pkg_magic;                      // 0x000 - 0x7F434E54
   uint32_t pkg_type;                       // 0x004
   uint32_t pkg_0x008;                      // 0x008 - unknown field
   uint32_t pkg_file_count;                 // 0x00C
   uint32_t pkg_entry_count;                // 0x010
   uint16_t pkg_sc_entry_count;             // 0x014
   uint16_t pkg_entry_count_2;              // 0x016 - same as pkg_entry_count
   uint32_t pkg_table_offset;               // 0x018 - file table offset
   uint32_t pkg_entry_data_size;            // 0x01C
   uint64_t pkg_body_offset;                // 0x020 - offset of PKG entries
   uint64_t pkg_body_size;                  // 0x028 - length of all PKG entries
   uint64_t pkg_content_offset;             // 0x030
   uint64_t pkg_content_size;               // 0x038
   unsigned char pkg_content_id[0x24];      // 0x040 - packages' content ID as a 36-byte string
   unsigned char pkg_padding[0xC];          // 0x064 - padding
   uint32_t pkg_drm_type;                   // 0x070 - DRM type
   uint32_t pkg_content_type;               // 0x074 - Content type
   uint32_t pkg_content_flags;              // 0x078 - Content flags
   uint32_t pkg_promote_size;               // 0x07C
   uint32_t pkg_version_date;               // 0x080
   uint32_t pkg_version_hash;               // 0x084
   uint32_t pkg_0x088;                      // 0x088
   uint32_t pkg_0x08C;                      // 0x08C
   uint32_t pkg_0x090;                      // 0x090
   uint32_t pkg_0x094;                      // 0x094
   uint32_t pkg_iro_tag;                    // 0x098
   uint32_t pkg_drm_type_version;           // 0x09C
   /* Digest table */
   unsigned char digest_entries1[0x20];     // 0x100 - sha256 digest for main entry 1
   unsigned char digest_entries2[0x20];     // 0x120 - sha256 digest for main entry 2
   unsigned char digest_table_digest[0x20]; // 0x140 - sha256 digest for digest table
   unsigned char digest_body_digest[0x20];  // 0x160 - sha256 digest for main table
   // ...
   uint32_t pfs_image_count;                // 0x404 - count of PFS images
   uint64_t pfs_image_flags;                // 0x408 - PFS flags
   uint64_t pfs_image_offset;               // 0x410 - offset to start of external PFS image
   uint64_t pfs_image_size;                 // 0x418 - size of external PFS image
   uint64_t mount_image_offset;             // 0x420
   uint64_t mount_image_size;               // 0x428
   uint64_t pkg_size;                       // 0x430
   uint32_t pfs_signed_size;                // 0x438
   uint32_t pfs_cache_size;                 // 0x43C
   unsigned char pfs_image_digest[0x20];    // 0x440
   unsigned char pfs_signed_digest[0x20];   // 0x460
   uint64_t pfs_split_size_nth_0;           // 0x480
   uint64_t pfs_split_size_nth_1;           // 0x488
   // ...
   unsigned char pkg_digest[0x20];          // 0xFE0
 } pkg_header;                              // 0x1000
GTA V Lotus Mod Menu for PS4 Firmware 5.05 & Demo Video by 0x199.jpg


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Its good to have wide choice of menus , for example i like the one with buttons left +square because right +square opens weapons, thanks for contributing to the young community which promises the best console for modding when PS5 comes out because than ps4 will be old enough to have lots of devs included on scene


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is the 1.27 patch install-able via disc game? seems there is a lack of game updates since we can now remarry and etc, you know now that game region doesn't matter anymore.
(where's the update section lol)


Senior Member
after trying this mod menu this is one of best mod menu i try on ps4 but i have a problem and some suggestion:

1. my problem is god mod for a player some time it turns off by itself (i use GTA V EU 1.27)
2. I suggest adding next song for radio and if passable use some button on the controller(and song selector be amazing)
3. add Insurgent Pick-Up and HVY Insurgent to vehicles
4. select more than 25 NPC and more control on them like freeze for all
5. for NPC part add select, have an easier way to select NPC to be a bodyguard or give all of them a weapon
6. can add more than 8 bodyguards
7. add Speedometer
8. add super run speed like put number infant it to change it
9. add something player stick in the top of NPC car or plane
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