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Following his GTA 5 Mod Menu Base and EROOTIIK's AP II Intense v2 GTA V PS4 Mod Menu recent update, PlayStation 4 developer @CMTFrosty (aka CMTFrostyy and Azora_Raise on Twitter) made available an LTS (LastTeamStanding) Menu Base and GTA V 1.27 PS4 Native Caller design payload for jailbroken 5.05 consoles alongside a video demo from his YouTube Channel below. :D

Download: / gtaPayload.bin / GIT / / gtaPayload.bin / LTS-Base-GTA_127-PS4_505.bin / GIT / LTS_PS4_1.00_By-CMTFrosty.bin (1.01 MB)

Previously we saw a GTA V 4.05 Native Caller and a GTA V Native Caller / Menu Base 4.55 Update by @2much4u, and from the PS4 GTA V Native Caller

A simple example of calling natives on PS4 GTA V using Vortex's adaptation of CTurt's PS4 ***.


2Much4u and EROOTIK, 2Much4u for the native caller and EROOTIK for everything for 1.27

[PS4/5.05] LTS Menu Base
[5.05/PS4] LTS Menu Base UPDATE 1.27 + Native Caller

BUTTON->NAME         :             ID
Button->X             :             201
Button->Circle         :            202
Button->Square        :            203
Button->Triangle    :            204
Button->L1            :            205
Button->R1            :            206
Button->L2            :            207
Button->R2            :            208
Button->DpadUp        :            232
Button->DpadDown    :            233
Button->DpadLeft    :            234
Button->DpadRight    :            235
Button->TouchPad    :            244
Spawn the new DLC vehicles on GTA 1.27:
int*(*getGlobalAddress)(int id) = (void*)0x223A190;
*getGlobalAddress(4265719) = 1;
Download: [PS4] GTA V 1.27 Decompiled Scripts.rar (98.8 MB)
GTAV Phone Editor 1.27 / 1.43

String                    Address
light.r            :        2B76CCC (use 0xFFFF00FF ?)
light.g            :        2B76CCC
light.b            :        2B76CCC
light.inten        :        2B76CD0
light.rad        :        2B76CD4
light.falloff    :        2B76CD8    :        2B76CF0
light.cone.out    :        2B76CE0

String                    Native
destroy            :        81E0AD2CD842DC0E
Object bypass for PS4 GTA V 1.27 and 1.00 via
/* The following is an object bypass for GTA 1.00 and 1.27. This allows for spawning numerous objects that couldn't previously be spawned such as buildings, sections of the map, and much more. Many of these objects require visiting their original locations before you can spawn them.

Replace the startExecution function inside main.c in your GTA payload with the following. The current address being used (0xF6EF75) is for 1.27, but the 1.00 addresses are also listed. Use the region checking done elsewhere in main.c to make sure you use the right address for the right region on 1.00. */
void startExecution() {

    void* executableSpace;
    procReadBytes(gamePID, &gtaVars->executableSpace, &executableSpace, sizeof(executableSpace));

    procWriteBytes(gamePID, executableSpace, gtaPayload, gtaPayloadSize);

    u8 objectBypassASM[] = { 0x90, 0x90, 0x90, 0x90, 0x90, 0x90 };
    procWriteBytes(gamePID, (void*)0xF6EF75, objectBypassASM, sizeof(objectBypassASM)); // 1.00: US - 0xD4A771, EU - 0xD4A781


/* Here are a few fun objects you can now spawn with this patch:
Zancudo UFO - dt1_tc_dufo_core - 0x7D79DAD4
Sea UFO - cs1_09_sea_ufo - 0x14E592FA
Hospital - dt1_01_build - 0x49A0B184
Maze Bank - dt1_11_dt1_tower - 0x6D2FD079
FIB Building - dt1_05_build1_h - 0xCDC10CF4
Eclipse Towers - ss1_11_flats - 0x5ECB544E
Downtown Area - dt1_lod_slod3 - 0xF977A5DD
Airport Area - ap1_lod_slod4 - 0xC3DEA728
Fort Zancudo Area - cs3_lod_1_slod3 - 0xBA3491F6
Sandy Shores Area - cs4_lod_02_slod3 - 0xBC1C27CD
Half Pipe - prop_skate_halfpipe - 0xF66F582F
Quarter Pipe - prop_skate_quartpipe - 0x326D3DB1
You can also spawn any vehicle model as an object. */
Finally, from shiftteam comes a (SOLO) BUY EVERYTHING FOR FREE FROZEN MONEY GLITCH with details below, to quote:

Download: SGTA5Peyote FM (521.69 KB - GameSave)

This is mostly a glitch but a mod is needed so i provided a gamesave so call it whatever you want to call it. Enjoy it while you can, savewizard or not it’s still frozen money.

Found by VladiRad, X-UNDEAD_NINJA2 and myself (shift) #FARTCREW. Yes you'll need savewizard and a modded save for this. It's PS4 only!

  • Load up the save and go to a solo session. Once spawned in, leave gta online.
  • Spawn in sp and it’ll glitch out to franklin so run forward and when you feel like you’re far enough, look back at spawn point and you’ll see Patricia Madrazo. Switch to micheal with character wheel.
  • Use the buzzard cheat (CIRCLE, CIRCLE, L1, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, L1, L2, R1, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE), Fly to Mt. Chilliad and eat a peyote as Patricia.
  • End hallucination and it’ll get you stuck on white screen. Pause go to an invite only session. Enjoy frozen money!
  • After buying everything needed, leave gta online.
  • Launch dm as Franklin and enter as bird.
  • Teleport to the beach and start flying really close above water heading towards the deep side.
  • Open Interaction menu and hover over exit DM.
  • Fly straight into the water (right before hitting water) press Exit DM and accept the alert. (That's pressing X two times).
  • And immediately open recent activity and cancel ,recent activity cancel, recent activity cancel, recent activity cancel. until you get a wasted screen. If you dont get wasted screen after 10 recent activity cancels, try again.
  • Once you get the wasted screen, just wait for the black screen then do recent activity and cancel.
  • You should now be a bird in story mode.
  • Launch DM again and select online character. Exit DM and you should be in story with online character.
  • Pause go to creator. It should take you online, now swap all cars to make sure it saves. Enjoy the free money!
Things to keep in mind:

Once everything is bought and you have exit to sp, make sure you don't go online from there at all so going to choose character or even creator before doing the save method could ruin everything that you just bought.

Mayhem in GTA 5 [LTS Mod Menu PS4]
[GTA V 1.27/PS4 5.05] LTS PS4 Mod Menu
GTA V PS4 5.05 LTS Menu Base 1.27 and Native Caller by CMTFrostyy.jpg
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Awesome, the more the merrier.

I cant get either of these bins (converted to html) to load from self host, like all the other mod menus do.....


What's the point of all these mods if we won’t ever be able to use them online and have fun with our friends ? Modding for fun not for destroying is what I say

CoDe ReKeR

ok sooo using the lts mod menu base on US version of GTA V 1.27 made it where I was able to use AP II INTENSE v2 on my 5.05 console.

Now trying to load AP II INTENSE v2 by it self = freeze gta 1.27 but running LTS mod menu base for gta 1.27 waiting for it to install the files to gta v once it has finished go back to web browser and inject AP II INTENSE v2 and it should work on the US edition of gta v 1.27

hopes this helps someone if they are bored


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there is a lot of theses mods coming out for ps4 games but still no backup manager or a way to dump higher firmware ps4 games to external hard drive that would be great if a backup manager came out then you could dump and game firmware to the ps4 external hard drive

but at the moment you can only dump games upto the exploit which is 5.05 so if a backup manager came out then you could dump any ps4 game a bit like the ps3 way through multiman as you can dump and ps3 game any firmware so that is what the ps4 is missing at the moment a backup manager so you can dump and ps4 game


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These menus don't inject.

They're menubases.

I suppose they will inject at some point after update and official release.
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