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Since his GTA SA Handling Editor Tool, the GTA V 1.38 Expulsion v4.0 PS4 9.00 Mod Menu, Lush Modz GTA 5 1.38 PS4 Mod Menu Bases Source Code and the GTA V PS4 1.38 fm_lts_creator.osc Script Decompiled (857.42 KB) via @LushModz on Twitter today PlayStation 4 Scene developer @RF0oDxM0Dz (Twitter) of shared on Github a GTA V PS4 Script Finder v1.38 Tool to aid in finding active scripts for modders using PS4 Debugging / Memory Editing Tools. :geek:

Download: (includes GTAV_PS4_SCRIPT_FINDER.exe) / GIT

Some recent GTA 5 related Tweets are below, have a happy Cinco de Mayo 2022 and from the GTAV_PS4_SCRIPT_FINDER_1.38
  • This tool helps to find active scripts in memory
GTA 5 Beginners How to Start the Game Right Fill All Stats Fast, Money and Level 1.59!

Settings > Subtitles > Portuguese (auto-generated) > Auto-translate > English

From PS4 GTA V Script Loader / Injector v1.38 Code
//I tried using the R* method to load gta v scripts and it worked (:

unsigned int (*registerFile)(char *filepath, bool unk0, char *filename, bool unk1, bool unk2) = (void*)(0x200B720 /*EUR*/ + 0x400000);

Usage in (gta payload):
//you will need to gta v script compiler [PS4]
//the method works on unencrypted/uncompressed scripts (I tested it with original & uncompressed scripts)
//you can inject the scripts from your GTA V Payload (Menu)
//add this in option to register the script file in gta memory

//load the script from "/data" folder (via ftp)
u32 fileHandler = registerFile("/data/oysters_script.osc", 1, "oysters_script.osc", 0, 0);
    if(fileHandler != -1)
        print("script is registered.");

In looping:
bool runScript = false;

if(runScript) {
    if(HAS_SCRIPT_LOADED("oysters_script")) {
        START_NEW_SCRIPT("oysters_script", 2024);
        print("script loaded", 3000);
        runScript = false;
In order for it to work, you will need to script compiler only or try on original scripts :)
PS4 GTA V - Huge Waves

In the video, GTA V has been modified by Scorpion Mod Menu on the Jailbroken PS4.

GTA V PS4 Script Finder v1.38 Tool by RF0oDxM0Dz Released.png


Am I the only one who always thought it would be cool to replace the cars in gta with real car models? is there a way to do that on ps4 since I know they have made fallout 4 and skyrim pc mods work on here?
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