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Happy Halloween 2021! 🎃 Since the PSVibe PS4 Edition Controller Rumbler Tester, Mira VR PS4 Patch and PS4 Application Dumper Rewrite today PlayStation 4 Scene developer @Al Azif shared via Twitter a PS4Vibe PS4 Homebrew PKG pre-release that includes an Easter egg to find before the source code is available... Gogogo!! 😱

Download: IV0000-AZIF00001_00-PS4VIBE000000000.pkg (Pre-Release) (6.62 MB) / IV0000-AZIF00001_00-PS4VIBE000000000.pkg (Latest Version) / GIT / PS4 Notifi, PS4 LibLog PRX & PS4 Skeleton Base PKG Homebrew by Al Azif

From the PS4 Vibe


A simple controller rumble tester for the PS4, meant to be built with the Open Orbis Toolchain.

Have a very safe and happy Halloween everyone! :devilish:

Happy Halloween 2021 PS4Vibe PS4 Homebrew PKG by Al Azif.jpg


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