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I've been running rebug for years, haven't been online since I installed Cfw a couple years ago. The problem I have is I have a ton of good games from when I was a PS plus member but they are all expired... Like when I click on a game that used to work as a plus member , the game says I need to renew my license (plus membership).

Is there a way to make the ps3 think I'm a plus member to play all my old games again? I'm looking for a something to handle all licenses in one shot... I would hate to have to go and find licenses for each individual game... Over 100.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. And keep up the great work here... Love this site.
From what I've read you'll need the associated license (RAP) file activated using ReActPSN.

Download: reActPSN v3.20+.rar (Mirror - Mirror #2 - inside is a reActPSN V3.20+ Quick Start Guide to read) / PS3T481

From Jamesst20 to quote: How do I activate a PSN package with a RAP file?

Activating a package using a rap file requires few steps. It can be done with ReActPSN or PSNPatch (psnpatch However, I will only describe how to do it with ReActPSN.

1. Format a USB key in FAT32.
2. Create the folder 'exdata' at the root of the USB key.
3. Move the corresponding RAP file for the games you want to activate in the exdata folder.

Warning: Do not rename rap files ! You need to leave their original ugly name.

4. Connect the USB key in the right USB port of the PS3 (the closest to the bluray drive).
5. Delete the ReActPSN user on your PS3 if it exists.
6. Create the account 'aa' (without quotes) and open the account.
7. Run ReActPSN and the screen should go black, then you should hear beeps and then the PS3 should reboot.
8. The user 'aa' should be gone now and the account 'ReActPSN' automatically created.
9. You're done !

:arrow: Here is another version of the above ReActPSN RAP file guide from ICECOLDKILLAH that may be easier to follow, to quote:

1. get the rap file, i dont know where you have downloaded the game itself, if you cant find it, try the tool psn stuff (now known as psndl)
2. get a usb flash drive and create a folder called "exdata" (without the quotes), put the rap file in there
3. insert the usb flash drive in the port that is the far rightest (the closest to the bluray drive)
4. download reactpsn, install it on ur ps3 and then run it
5. done

oh yeah and after you ran reactpsn ur ps3 will restart and will be showing an error message, just ignore it and press the circle button

sry i forgot to mention that you have to create new user on ur ps3 called "aa", dont login with it, just create it, after reactpsn sucessfully activated some files it will change the name of this to something like reactpsn + the number of installed rap files, but yeah it cant install anything if there arent any files.
Thanks for the reply, that's exactly how I've been doing it for backups (cough cough.... Of games I own of course. lol). And that response is also my worst fear... I have to find out which version of the game I have.... Find the appropriate RAP file and load one for each game.... Sigh... I guess I'm just lazy and was hoping there was an "ACTIVATE ALL" app.
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