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Here's some PS5 video footage from earlier this year I ran across recently for those in PS5Scene demonstrating various Hitman 3 game bugs on a PlayStation 5 console courtesy of homebrew developer @cfwprophet (Github / Twitter) via his YouTube Channel. šŸ¤©

This comes proceeding his Simply NextGen RCO Data-Table Extractor for PS4 RCO Files, Make FSELF GUI for Flat_z's Script, PS4 Exploit Host Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Installer, PSFSKKey PS4 SaveGame Decryption Tool, PS4 Lib CiSO Port & Zlib, LibLuaPS4, PS4 Debug Module & LibHB Updates and GodMode.prx for PS4 if you're following along.

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HITMAN 3 Bug Assets Missing
HITMAN 3 Bug World Event Hangs
HITMAN 3 Another World Event Hang
Hitman 3 PS5 Game Bug Demonstration Videos by CFWProphet.png



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Shame that this is one of my favorite franchises, with over 700h on both 1 and 2 and i havent been able to play it cuz i deeply hate epic... thankfully january is right the corner so the steam release is almost there.

Hitman always had some funny/annoying bugs. I remember i had a bug during a mission that literally made it darksouls+++ hard, trying to do the sniper challenge on the hardest difficulty BUT whenever i shot the target an army of every enemy npcs knew exactly where i was and came rushing down to me. This made it so painful to SASO XD


Not surprising considering the game was full of bugs to begin with. By the looks of it, there's probably more in the PS5 then the original PS4 version.

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