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In addition to the earlier PS4 PKGs released this weekend, PS4Scene backporter @CyB1K (🆕 Ko-fi Page <3) let us know on Twitter a Hitman 3 v1.13 (9.60) Offline Modded Fully Backported PS4 PKG is now available including a Hitman 3 Update 1.13 Offline Modded PS4 With Completed Savegame Showcase demonstration video for use on Jailbroken PlayStation 4 consoles! 🎯

Below are some of the many related Tweets and PS4 PKG file details from the ongoing topic for Verified Members (Verification Guide):

[CUSA18201] Hitman 3 Update 1.13 Offline Modded Fully Backported


  • CUSA18201_HITMAN_3_FXDv1.00_[FW750].pkg (42.29 GB)
Update Backported (Offline Modded):
  • UP4572-CUSA18201_00-HITMANGAME000003-A0113-V0100-Offline.Modded-CyB1K.pkg (25.93 GB)
Update Backported (Regular):
  • UP4572-CUSA18201_00-HITMANGAME000003-A0113-V0100-CyB1K.pkg (25.88 GB)
Update (9.00+):
  • UP4572-CUSA18201_00-HITMANGAME000003-A0113-V0100-9.00-CyB1K.pkg (25.87 GB)
  • Hitman3-ALLDLCGOLD_FXD_CUSA18201_US_PS4_Fugazi.rar (13.75 MB)
    • CUSA18201_HITMAN_3_DUBAI_DLC_FIX.pkg
  • Seven Deadly Sins Collection (online required)
<<<  PS4 GAME DLC  >>>


Release: Fugazi
Region: (US) CUSA18201 [for all US versions]
Languages: Eng, Fra, Spa, Ger, Ita, Rus, Chi
Size: 21 MB
Required Version: 1.08 or higher
FW: 5.05+

DLC Content:
- Episode 1: Dubai
- Episode 2: Dartmoor
- Episode 3: Berlin
- Episode 4: Chongqing
- Episode 5: Mendoza
- Episode 6: Carpathian Mountains
- Trinity Pack (Preorder Bonus)
- Deluxe Pack
- Starter Pack
*Seven Deadly Sins Collection Act 1-7 (online required)

- Episode 1: Hawke's Bay
- Episode 2: Miami
- Episode 3: San Fortuna
- Episode 4: Mumbai
- Episode 5: Whittleton Creek
- Episode 6: Isle of Sgail
- Expansion Episode 1: New York
- Expansion Episode 2: Haven Island
- Special Assignments Pack 1
- Special Assignments Pack 2
- Winter Sports Pack
- Smart Casual Pack
- Executive Pack
- Collector's Pack
- Legacy Requiem Pack
- Legacy GOTY Costumes (Clown, Raven, Cowboy)
*Sniper Episodes 1-3 (removed - online required)

- Legacy Episode 1: Paris
- Legacy Episode 2: Sapienza
- Legacy Episode 3: Marrakesh
- Legacy Episode 4: Bangkok
- Legacy Episode 5: Colorado
- Legacy Episode 6: Hokkaido
- Legacy Extra: Summer Bonus Missions (The Icon, A House Built On Sand)
- Legacy GOTY Bonus Mission: Patient Zero Campaign
- Legacy GOTY Costumes (Clown, Raven, Cowboy)
- Legacy Requiem Pack
*Legacy GOTY Contracts & Weapons Pack (online required)

Install Guide:
1. Transfer dlc pkg to USB drive formatted in exFAT format (allocation file size 128kb or 256kb).
2. Run the debug settings on your PS4 (HEN exploit/payload).
3. Install dlc from "settings/debug settings/game/package install" option.

Enjoy playing the game with dlc!

If you like my work and want to support me, please send donation to my paypal: [email protected]
PSN CARDS are most welcomed aswell, you can send contact message to above email address.
Thank you!

Savegame (To unlock almost all weapons and suits. Thanks Hannane Amine):
  • Hitman 3 Save File 3.120.0.rar (2.07 MB)
Use Apollo or Savemounter.

Install The Base Game "CUSA18201_HITMAN_3_FXDv1.00_[FW750].pkg" Then Install This Update (No Fixes Required)

Credits to Fugazi (@mrBOOT's Ko-fi Page / PayPal Address <3) for the Base and DLC!

Credits to the modding community on pc (Theonionsquid, Kercyx, Unfunnygoober, Jason, Kevin Rudd, Anthony Fuller, etc) for making those mods which I used to make this possible for the offline people. Special thanks to @Masamune3210 for enduring the JSON: Battle of the Brackets and MASSIVE thanks to Anon, who decided to remain anonymous for the massive help, wouldn't have done this without it! Thanks also to my TRIFECTA bud @Grief247allday for testing the VR part!

Notes: 5.05 / 6.72 / 7.02 Backport! Tested on 5.05! I think 7.50+ can use the 9.00 update (assuming they don't want the offline content mod), Offline modded backported is tested on 9.00!

It's been countless days of non stop working on this mod to make the game more enjoyable and unlocking 80% of the full game content, that's normally only accessible online, some of it not even accessible at all like the case of the sarajevo six which is an hitman 1 ps4 exclusive.

I'm completely burned out from doing this now and i spent more than a week of my vacations on it, from things going wrong to simply stuff not working but in the end i was able to pull it. Those mods were converted from pc to ps4 by modifying the ps4 files and comparing them to the mod and do the changes, it was a lot of damn text in all those JSON files and I hate text.

I also had to learn scaleform and modify a script to make the scores work on the new update and not crash the game randomly. Normal unlocking for items and suits is not achievable, at least I couldn't get it done so I'm including a completed save that will unlock most of the items for offline use since this is a sandbox game there's not much issues with that but if you haven't experienced the game you have to play every video inside the mission as it wont trigger automatically since it was technically already completed.

Hitman 3 v1.13 (9.60) Offline Modded Fully Backported PS4 PKG by CyB1K 2.png

Showcase of the scoring offline, because I didn't cover it in video (below)!

The Escalations sadly don't work like the online way which progress alone, in the escalations menu you have every single one with every single level, it's a laggy menu lol in the destinations you find each one packed and you need to use the sticks to choose the levels by yourself.

The Elusive targets menu takes a few seconds to load fully!

To use the save file via Apollo (Thanks Hannane Amine):

1 - Download Apollo Save Tool PKG and install it in your PS4.
2 - You need a USB stick formatted in exfat.
3 - Connect your USB to PS4 and go to the Apollo Save Tool.
4 - Locate hdd saves, search for "Hitman 3 - Profile Data".
5 - Copy the "Hitman 3 - Profile Data" and choose usb0 as destination (your connected usb).
6 - Go to your USB in PC and find the folder "\PS4\APOLLO\".
7 - Replace "" and "" from the "xxxxxxxx_CUSA18201_LocalProfile" with the ones downloaded.
8 - Reconnect your USB and go to the Apollo Save Tool go to USB saves this time then copy your save to HDD, it will overwrite your old save.

This should give you mostly all weapons and suits in the game, with exception for some newer added ones from the time this save was done. Remember this will make cutscenes not popup when accessing the missions/targets, you need to check them in the video tile inside each mission if that's the case!

The brothers elusive target/mission is cut content and it would be really damn hard to port all the files needed from pc so its greyed out in the targets, too many models, textures, etc.

Remember even tho I tested this intensively, there still might happen some crashes as none of this content was meant to be accessible offline so its basically all custom made. Let me know if you find any persistent crash and where! Thanks! Use at your own risk!

Oh I also managed to convert the framework for PS4 but its quite unstable and not so user friendly, so I'm not gonna share it.

That's it, now that I've burned all my vacation to do this, 7th vacation I spent on ps4 and I really need to stop doing that, I will go enjoy my 2,5 days left I haven't slept in 1 week lol.


By CyB1K
Video Showcase:

Hitman 3 Update 1.13 Offline Modded PS4 With Completed Savegame Showcase

I've included the following content to the game:

  • Elusive Targets
  • Sniper Assassin
  • Seasonal Missions
  • Starting Locations Unlocked
  • Mission Scoring
  • VR on All Missions
  • Sarajevo Six
  • Escalations
Hitman 3 v1.13 (9.60) Offline Modded Fully Backported PS4 PKG by CyB1K.png



I got this up and running but the mission scoring is not showing up. Thanks for everything else though!


thank you!

i have a question, i installed the offline modded but when i run the game it is for online play only, haven't installed the DLC tho do i need the savegame file so that i can play offline?