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Nowadays games/software/streaming site require you to have a decent internet connection in order to get the most possible quality experience out off peoples products but it also depends on the download speeds the provider has set servers so people can download games and so on per an MBPS.​

With services like PlayStation Now or Streaming services like Twitch they recommend you to have a very solid connection speed which is in-fact required in this generation. PlayStation Now Requires you to have a minimum off 5MBPS Connection But with this Slow minimum recommend connection for PlayStation Now you going to run into a few problems on the other hand PSNow Recommended Speeds has to be over 12MBPS according to the PSNow App, which you may still experience some issues.

Depending on how many people are using the same internet connection with you at the time may slow down speeds.

Cons with Slow Net speeds:
  1. Will have Connecting issues to Sony Cloud Service
  2. Even if you do get connected to Sony Cloud Service most people will have promote errors while running a chosen game from the cloud due to slow speeds and it will make the game close.
  3. Downloading the Cloud Game to your Console - Downloading the Cloud PKG to your console XMB will have effect as it would take forever to download the cloud game, some people will experience waiting time from 5 mins to 48 hours (Depending on the Network Speed)
  4. Joining a multiplayer Match with a very slow speed may result off you joining half way through a match.
  5. Will Experience lag :p
Positive with Fast Net Speeds:
  1. Instantly will be connected to Playstation Now
  2. Won't have to wait forever until a game is downloaded
  3. Joining a Multiplayer Match will be instant so no lag or joining half way through a match.
Side Note: I'm using PSNow as an Example

Post your Speeds Below in the comments:

PS: Make sure not to include your IP in the speed test results and posting your speeds is optional​


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Well you got us beat down here in Australia. Off peak I can get between 25-40Mbps but during peak I average bout 5Mbps. Yes I do mean mega-bits per second not mega-bytes per second. My ping is like 30ms at best. Upload I get between 10-18Mbps.


Cool ;) Will test my connection when I get home. Last week my playstation was so slow to connect to the internet for some reason. I was actually using it to browse some web pages and they were loading really slowly. P

erhaps it's my connection, or maybe it's just that HTML loads slowly on consoles? I was reading about new developments in terms of HTTP/2, and apparently that makes it quicker, however for browsing on consoles it's still slow :unsure: