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Next month Sony's PlayStation 5 next-generation console arrives, and as a result ModernVintageG's latest video on Modern Vintage Gamer's YouTube Channel covers an overview on How Sony's PS4 Security Was Defeated for those late to the PlayStation 4 scene or who are simply interested in learning! :geek:

Check out the video below, and if you'd like to support his ongoing work feel free to drop by his Patreon Page and show some love. <3

How the Sony PlayStation PS4 Security Was Defeated | MVG

As the Sony PlayStation 4's end of life approaches, in this episode we take a closer look at its the hardware and how different exploits have been used over the years to defeat the consoles security.

Cheers to @zecoxao for the heads-up on this PlayStation 4 scene news via Twitter! 🍻
How Sony's PS4 Security Was Defeated Overview by Modern Vintage Gamer.jpg


The video was good but he missed the 4.05 exploit and also 5.05 worked on 5.07.