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Somehow my console downloaded 4.07 update even though I disabled "Download updates automatically"

Now every time I start my console it asks for update, and If I accidentally click on "Update" I'm done-no jailbreak chance for me.

If I do "factory reset" will this delete the Update file and stop asking me to update Firmware?


Oh, I'm sorry, it's already downloaded? Looks like you can't delete it then.

"On newer firmwares (>4.00?), you cannot delete them via the Downloads section, but instead you can delete it by pressing Options on the update notification and selecting "Delete"." , source: reddit.

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i mean... it might delete it.. but you might need to be quick in deleting it.. the only problem is the series of menus you must go through first before getting to the system menu, upon first factory boot-up.


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Hello all!! Today I tested again EVERY POSSIBLE SOLUTION and indeed there is NO WAY to delete the downloaded 4.07 firmware update FILE from a my PS4 which is version 4.00!!!

So it will ask me to update everytime I turn on the system. Funny thing is if I go to main menu settings and click on update from there, it asks me to connect to the internet XD

Hehe, Sony bastards got us all figured out! I bet that in PS5, Internet will be always switched on, and it will be always searching for WIFI without password to FORCIBLY update to the latest (crappiest) firmware!!!

Or even worse: they will have built in 4G GSM module with a built in SIM card with free interned for operators around the world, and the moment it has got power it will automatically download and forcibly install latest firmware through mobile data!!!!

Or even worse XD XD XD IT will have a small built in battery for a special low power dedicated FW update processor and 2 Gigs of memory to store the FORCIBLY downloaded firmware, only to install it the moment you power up your system!! SSony Is watching you!!

Thumbs up all who got OFW v4.00, coolest version number ever!!! :) :) :)
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