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Earlier this week Sony announced that PS5 Variable Refresh Rate (PS5 VRR) Support is Incoming, however, those on the current PS5 5.02 System Software discovered that enabling PS5 VRR doesn't actually require another PlayStation 5 Firmware update despite earlier reports stating "VRR will arrive globally through a PS5 console update over the next few days." :sneaky:

According to RTCanada on enabling PlayStation 5 VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) via Reddit among others, to quote: Update is out now! No system update to download, please restart PS5. VRR should now be seen (if your monitor/TV supports it naturally) in:

Screen and Video Settings

Recommended to enable under VRR Settings:

Apply to Unsupported Games ✓

A few games unofficially supported through the latter toggle, seeing vast improvements to gameplay:

Game Official Patch AVG Low AVG High
Elden Ring - Favor Performance No 50-53 FPS 59-60 FPS
Elden Ring - Favor Resolution No 42-47 FPS 50-52 FPS
Tales of Arise - Performance No 56 FPS 60FPS
Tales of Arise - Fidelity No 44-46 FPS 52 FPS
Legacy of Thieves Collection - 120 Mode No 115FPS 120FPS
Cyberpunk 2077 No 59 FPS 60 FPS
Destiny 2 - 120 Mode No 110 FPS 120FPS
When a game is open, you can see if VRR is working in 2 ways:

1. A live FPS ticker on certain Monitors & TV Sets that fluctuates
2. Video Output Information within PS5 Screen & Video Settings

The PS5 is capped at VRR (48Hz-120Hz) if you see that, it is working! also confirmed How to Enable PS5 VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) on PlayStation 5 stating, "We have tested it out on two PS5 consoles, both in sleep mode with the feature missing, and after following the direction from RTCanada we were able to get the VRR option to show up on the PS5.

To do a restart, all you have to do is push the PlayStation button on your DualSense controller and navigate to the power option and select “restart.” This will restart the console and once it’s fully booted you can navigate to settings and screen and video options. You should see that the VRR information is now displayable under video and output information as well as the option to force VRR for unsupported games.

Note: If you don’t see the option after restarting your system, we had to do a full shutdown on our second PS5, and then boot up from there to finally get it to show up."

:alert: Following Znullptr's PS5 3.02 Confirmation of the PS5 Userland Exploit earlier this week, as always updating the PS5 Firmware is NOT recommended if you wish to use PS5 Game Backups and PlayStation 5 homebrew apps, emulators, etc whenever a public PS5 Jailbreak Exploit (PS5Jailbreak Status) arrives in the PS5Scene.

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How to Enable PS5 VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) on PlayStation 5.jpg


jose gozalez

Senior Member
The update is done through "update system functions." Capturing all the packages in that section on my ps5 I found that every time you turn on the console it checks if there is an update.

Since they are blocking the games, one of them P.T was previously functional on ps5 and without any firmware update it was no longer compatible.. and how can we verify a clean reinstallation of the firmware does not return to its previous state.


Senior Member
Im on 4.03 but no VRR show up. I think you need to update to latest firmware for this feature to work. Anyone has it with 4.03 or lower?