Before, you consider gamesharing on PlayStation 4, it is against the ToS of SEN will result in suspension or banned, well you know all about that so, Let's get started.

1. Deactivated your PS4 as your primary (Person has to activate your account as primary on their PS4).
2. Person signs on your accounts for about 5 minutes to download what he needs and activate your account as primary on their system.
3. For the other dude want to get the dlc he wants he must deactivate his account as primary.

PSN/Account Management>Activate PS4 as primary, choose either if your deactivating or activating.

Warning: If you gamesharing and if you play without internet don't gameshare because you only got your DLC when your online not offline do to your account no being activated as primary so, don't freak out and called psn then will end up in more deep crap for breaking the ToS.

Sincerely, Muck Kindness.
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suspension or banned????!!!! why & how? is this tut. for game sharing or dlc sharing

i really need to do share of my games for more than two devices even i get banned it doesn't matter


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This specific guide is for PS4 gamesharing within Sony's device restriction limitations... another method was posted HERE awhile back for sharing PSN accounts full of games between PS4 HDD's also.


I don’t know what thread exactly to post my noob type questions but I’m currently game sharing on my ps4 with a friend.

He’s talking about about changing his password soon, if he does that I probably won’t be able to restore licenses for his games that I have installed since I won’t be able to switch to his account.

So i wanna know is there a way to permanently keep licenses of the games we already shared? Or I say I can create the licenses myself?🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
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