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Recently there has been a few threads that allow people to run the PS4HEN from things like Android or Rasberry PI and it came to mind the same thing can be done with little effort from a wifi usb stick.

So here is a bit of info on that... the wifi stick i used was a 16gb Connect Wireless Stick and you will need PS4-HEN-VTX.

Just plug the usb stick into your pc and copy the exploit folder from the PS4-HEN-VTX ( archive to the root of the drive.

Unplug the usb stick from the pc as it will not serve files over wifi while it is plugged into the usb port.

The wifi usb stick has its own battery and you can turn it off an on pressing a button on the side of it. turn it on, a light will flash on it to indicate that it is on.

Goto the PS4 wifi network settings and look for the SanDisk Connect XXXXX ssid and setup the connection using the auto settings, there is no need to set dns and stuff.

Once the ps4 is connected to the wifi stick open the WWW broswer and goto and you should have the list of files on the stick.

You can then go into the exploit folder and select index.html and it will launch the exploit.

You can also make a bookmark to and it will launch the exploit straight from the bookmark

There is also some settings you can use to change the ssid and add WPA2 password to the wifi connection and set the power save timer (auto off)

Some pictures...

List of files
How to Host PS4HEN for 4.05 on Wifi USB Drive Guide by Stooged.jpg

Exploit folder
How to Host PS4HEN for 4.05 on Wifi USB Drive Guide by Stooged 2.jpg

HEN success
How to Host PS4HEN for 4.05 on Wifi USB Drive Guide by Stooged 3.jpg

How to Host PS4HEN for 4.05 on Wifi USB Drive Guide by Stooged 4.jpg



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If you could get the exploit files into the htdocs or www folder the modem serves its web config pages from then yes.

Pretty much anything that will act as a webserver should be able to trigger the exploit in the ps4 browser.

The wiiU web exploit works from a wifi enabled sdcard as the wiiU has a sd slot.

you could also add the other payloads like the dumper.

inside Al-Azif's ps4-exploit-host

these folders inside the exploits folder of the archive could be added to the root of the wifi usb stick as they all inject the payload when the index.html is run.


Chaos Kid

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this guide maybe for sansdisk but will more then likely work with others all you need to do is try. you could probably also use ext hdd for exact same purpos directly from system


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Good idea! using Similar idea, would it work for wifi router that can have usb to plug in as storage? Would we be able to setup local web sever in those?


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I want to try it since I am on 2.57

I see the pic above and there are the list. Which one should I run to exploit it if I use my flash drive? And it must be sandisk or any flash drive ?