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Okay Guuuuuuuuys :) thx flys out @zeus2000

Since we saw the Android PS4HEN Guide, I have done now PS4HEN works on my iPhone 6s Plus (iOS 10.3.1)

For all peoples have use iOS:
  • On PS4 Network Custom Setup !
  • You are not using a proxy
  • You don't enter a port number anywhere
Custom Network Setup:
1. IP of PS4                               192.x.x.x
2. subnetz                       
3. gateway (your router)                   192.x.x.x
4. dns 1 (iphone look airdisk)   
5. dns 2 (al azif if use:
Setup on Airdisk:

1. Airdisk install and start on Iphone
2. Middle of the top, where stays "use desktop browser" push here on touch your iphone
3. Web server is running :) here we gooo and you see the IP here ;)

Start PS4 on TV and go to www. and write the homepage from airdisk stay on the middle of the top :)

Have fun for all my peoples too will use it with iOS it works for , HEN , FTP and Dumper.

Make for every application a Folder (look the category from wifi usb cardreader) files you need to download VTX HEN MASTER 1.3 , VTX FTP MASTER 1.4 , VTX DUMPER MASTER 1.6.

How to Host PS4HEN for Airdisk iOS iPhone Guide by Leslie84.jpg


@Leslie84 great tutorial but this app is not airdisk or ios supported you should have posted that in the tutorials section for "Airdisk" way to host exploit.

I looked up airdisk and its just a webserver and nothing to do with android or android apps.

@PSXHAX maybe move it from here and make it a thread for people that need to use Airdisk ?
that's because one person mentioned airdisk here and there is no guide in PS4 Guides and Tutorials for airdisk.

this is why I am saying it should be posted into the guides section with something like How to Host PS4HEN for Airdisk IOS IPhone Guide
Done Stooged , i have open it :)

Sorry for disturb here your theme and a thx flys to you too :)

Haxshaw you can go to my topic i have opened the theme for ios and can complete help you ;)

Thx to all here!!

on your pic very down you see the key and the star ??

And in the middle very down on your pic stay your ip :) , i see it you too now ?

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