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Awhile back I inquired about some Android APK Mod Sites for a friend addicted to playing Game of Thrones: Conquest, and now the not-so-lovely folks at Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. decided to suddenly drop support for her Samsung 2016 tablet... apparently their target audience is people who can afford new devices every few years to blow tons of money on GOTC packs. 🤑 (n)

While I agree with Android developers dropping support for legacy devices the same way browsers like IE and operating systems like Windows do, I don't feel a 'like new' tablet that is only 4 years old should qualify to be cut off just yet.

To make matters worse, it's not like WB just added the tablet to an 'unsupported device' list and allowed people to continue playing GOTC attributing any issues to it no longer being officially supported... instead they force you to update the game, block it being installed from Google Play Store and being downloaded elsewhere then manually installed as well. 🙄

This happened when updating from the GOT Conquest-2.12.253960.apk (85.5 MB) to the recently released GOT Conquest-3.1.255295.apk (55.2 MB).

You'll receive one of the following errors pictured below, depending on how you try to update it:
  • :alert: This app isn't compatible with your device anymore. Contact the developers for more info.

  • :alert: Your device isn't compatible with this version.

  • :alert: App not installed.
How to Install  Update Game of Thrones Conquest (GOTC) on Incompatible Android Devices 2.jpg

Warner Brothers isn't the only Android game developer who uses this tactic, so the mini How to Install / Update Game of Thrones: Conquest (GOTC) on Incompatible Android Devices guide below applies to other APK-based games also.

Some simple build.prop edits didn't do the trick unfortunately, and APK Easy Tool (Windows GUI for APKTool) revealed only basic details:

Spoiler: Log File

:idea: Then I ran across Xposed Framework and the Xposed Installer which can be used on rooted Android devices, or installed via VirtualXposed without root carrying some restrictions of course.

Next I installed the awesome Device ID Masker Lite module (Free APK Version / Mirror) that spoofs device values from bytesreverser of (which also has a Pro Version on Google Play Store that unlocks enhanced VirtualXposed support for non-root users among other features).

As pictured below, in Device ID Masker Lite I applied 'random' options and rebooted the rooted tablet:
How to Install  Update Game of Thrones Conquest (GOTC) on Incompatible Android Devices 3.jpg

:arrow: Now my friend can download, update and play Game of Thrones: Conquest again on her 2016 Samsung tablet deemed as noncompatible by Warner Bros! 🤗
How to Install  Update Game of Thrones Conquest (GOTC) on Incompatible Android Devices.jpg

Hopefully this will help others facing a similar issue with Android games on unsupported devices... and if any droid techies know of a simpler way to bypass such restrictions feel free to share in the comments below! :lovewins:



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They also have a browser-based version which appears similar but my friend hasn't tried that yet... boggles my mind how people can be so hooked on an Android game even after being zero'd, losing weeks or months worth of work and somehow it's still considered 'fun' to play. 🤪


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Awesome stuff! Appreciate it as I'm often finding my relatively new tablet being deemed unsupported for reasons not dealing with hardware performance.
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