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Following the PS4 GTA V SPRX 1.38 by Mizdx with Demo, in this video I'll be showing you how to make a GTA 5 PS4 Payload Mod Menu for use with PS4 9.00 Jailbroken consoles. :cool:

I will cover how to create your own GTA 5 1.38 PS4 9.00 mod menu using Ubuntu. This mod menu is a payload file .bin. The mod menu base used is mine and free to use if small credit is given. If you ever wanted to learn how to code a GTA V mod menu on PlayStation 4 using Visual Studios this video is perfect.

This is a full free tutorial to compile a GrandTheftAutoFive payload mod menu. I strongly suggest using the free mod menu base used in the video as anywhere else you download one may not be safe. The menu is only used in offline story mode only.

The PS4 must be jailbroken in order to use the menu when you are done building. If you run into any problems during this video tutorial please comment down below and I will try and answer when I get a chance.

The best way to contact me for help or questions is through my social media contacts below. I use discord almost every day and I have a server with over 2,000 members:
In the video, I used my Windows PC. I hope you all were able to successfully build the payload and use the menu in the game. This is also a great way to learn C++ coding. I would like to see some new creative unique fun free-to-use mod menus out there. Make sure to give credit if you use anyone's codes or sources as most took time to create them.

I enjoy seeing new GTA 5 mod menus out and from what I knew recently there are not many mod menus out for GTA 5 PS4 9.00 jailbreak. Now be free to edit everything in the source and leave the credit. Have fun broski :)

Video Tutorial:
Credits to eLcrazy Modz YouTube Channel for the additional files. :tup:
How to Make a GTA 5 PS4 Payload Mod Menu for 9.00 Jailbreak
GTAV 1.46 PS4 Natives / tunables / bgscript by mizdx_:

How to Make a GTA 5 PS4 Payload Mod Menu for the 9.00 Jailbreak.png


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