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Yet this method still needs two units of PS3 (CFW & OFW) and this is very old way, do not OMG me!

Also see my Listing Of Working PS3 CFW Games on PlayStation 3 OFW.

1. download this UNLOCK c00.rar
2. install it to PS3 CFW
3. install any c00 games PKG, and i'm sure it will run obviously.
4. make sure you have a same firmware PS3 OFW
5. do a DTU between CFW and OFW
6. profit
7. you can combine c00 games and converted games on it.



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Yep, I remember this... there are a lot of threads on the old site (such as HERE, HERE and HERE to name a few) about c00 game methods but THANKS for adding this simple guide here too (y)
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