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I was asked in another thread for a tutorial on dumping PS4 games. Mods are welcome to pin this if they feel it will help establish a standard and for those new to the process...

Here is my method of dumping games...

1. Obtain disc (or use your legit PSN install) and install on PS4 (wait for it to complete install, you will hear the disc stop spinning)

2. Find the latest retail update that works on current exploit (5.05 as of this writing)

This step requires a little work. PS4 5.05 OFW was released on March 8, 2018, so any update before that date will work. Google is your friend here. Here are a couple of links for retail updates:


3. Run HEN payload and install the retail update pkg with package installer in debug settings

4. Reboot and start Dumper payload (make sure that you are using split=3 option in the dumper.cfg on the root of USB drive)

5. Start game and get to title screen

6. Press PS button and wait in system OS for dumping to complete and PS4 to shut down

7. Move dumped files over to PC

8. Open CUSAXXXXX-app and CUSAXXXXX-patch folders with gengp4 and build/save gp4 files

9. Open each gp4 file with orbis-pub-gen from Fake Package Tools and build fpkg files

10. Run HEN payload and install fpkg base game and separate patch on PS4 with package installer in debug settings.

11. Enjoy!

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How to Properly Dump  Build PS4 Game & Separate Update FPKG.jpg



Method to repackage FPKG updates...

1. Extract the fpkg update with orbis-pub-chk using all zeroes for the passcode
2. Move everything from Sc0 folder into Image0/sce_sys/
3. Rename Image0 folder to CUSAXXXXX-patch (using proper titleID)
4. Make sure base app fpkg is in the same folder as the CUSAXXXXX-patch folder
5. Open CUSAXXXXX-patch with gengp4 and generate/save gp4 file
6. Open gp4 file with orbis-pub-gen and build
I am dumping god of war in 3 hours only 10% any tips guys what to do for fast dumping i am using hdd 3.0 of segate should i buy ssd .. or we have to do any process
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