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While the new PlayStation 5 Help section won't be of much use in this case, here are a collection of handy PS5 bot scripts, Web scrapers and inventory hunters if you're trying to snatch a PlayStation 5 from PS5 scalpers to put under the tree (or Festivus Pole) this year in time for the holidays! šŸŽ„šŸŽ :santa:

Last month the PS5 Scene officially kicked off in both North American and Overseas territories, and with it came The Ultimate PS5 FAQ alongside infamous scalper groups like CrepChiefNotify who reportedly resold over 3,500 PS5 consoles while recently acquiring 2,000 more PS5 consoles for resale. :eek:

Without further ado, here are links to several PlayStation 5 acquisition scripts via PS5 Github with a brief description of each where applicable:
  • Inventory Hunter - Get notified as soon as your next CPU, GPU, or game console is in stock
  • PS5 Stock Scraper
  • PS5 Queue Watcher - PlayStation Direct queue monitor for PS5
  • PS5StockChecker - This is a command line tool which on finding available stock will notify the user with the links to purchase online
  • PS5 Scraper - A small webscraper used to find PS5 stock in the UK
  • PS5 Tracker
  • PS5 Bot - Checks sites for PlayStation 5 availability
  • Get My PS5 - A CLI utility to help people secure a PlayStation 5 (PS5).
  • PS5 Search
  • PS5_Bot - bot adds PS5 system to cart, proceeds to checkout and enters you into the queue to finish checking out
  • PS5Bot - a dead simple auto-checkout bot to buy a PlayStation 5 from PlayStation Direct, Target, and Walmart (planned: Gamestop, BestBuy)
  • PS5Bot Fork - It is basically a refresh bot.
  • StreetMerchant StoreModules - PS5 and XBOX Series X Store Modules for StreetMerchant to get in-stock alerts at a variety of online retailers
  • PS5Bot - Simple bot for purchasing a single PlayStation 5 from Walmart.
  • Target PS5 Stock Check - A chrome extension that checks if the PS5 is out of stock at Target
  • PS5 Availability Notifier - notifies you when the PS5 console is available in two famous portuguese stores: Worten and Fnac
  • PS5Finder
  • Stock Scrapper - Scraper to check if the last CPU and GPU and the PS5 are in stock in several sites
  • Buy the Damn PS5
  • PS5 Bot - Bot for crawling popular polish shops checking for PS5 availability
  • PS5 Bot - PS5 order snipe bot
  • We Want PS5
  • PS5 Bot - A bot to auto-purchase a ps5 once available
  • Target PS5 - Search Target for PS5 Stock
  • SmythsStalker - Stalking Smyths for a PS5 like dudes outside Supreme stores
  • PS5 Check
  • InventoryTracker - designed to track the availability of the PS5 at retailers such as Best Buy or Walmart
  • Python Flask Heroku PS5 Notifier - A Python Flask application that can searches and notifies through Twillio when a PS5 console/digital is available
  • PS5Bot - attempt at making a PS5 bot to purchase from Walmart
  • PS Bot - Python tryout for making a bot for PS5 buys
  • BotsBotsBots - Trying to get that PS5
  • PS5Bot
  • Drop Alert Tab Reloader - Various scripts to be used with Tab Reloader extension for FireFox to drop alert for PS5 and XsX and XsS
  • PS5 - Scrapes multiple websites for patterns of being stocked via API and Chromium, opens browser and ability to send notifications when stock is available
  • PS5TargetBot Fork - Copy of VVNoodle's, his buys the PS5 Digital Edition while mine focues on the main one
  • PS5 Bot
  • PS5 Stock - Checker
  • InventoryAlertBot - attempt to put up a fight so we can get our hands on things we want need to survive the Coronavirus quarantine
  • PSFinder - Pings Amazon, Target, PlayStation Direct, and BestBuy every 20 seconds to see if PS5 Digital Edition is available
  • PS5Scrapes - Scrapy project
  • PS5 Bot - This bot checks stock availability on the PS5 for every 2 seconds, when in stock it will place an order
  • PS5 Alerts - Get a notification when a PS5 is available dude
  • PS5Bot
  • WebSiteBot_PS5 - This is a bot that will buy a PS5 through Walmart, written in python and uses selenium to interact with web pages
  • ConsoleBot - Python bot for purchasing consoles (PS5 or Xbox Series X)
  • PS5_Bot
  • Wally_World_Bot - Bot used to buy the PS5 or Xbox Series X on
  • PS5 Bot - A bot to purchase a PS5 built with
  • PS5Amazon - Find a PS5 Digital Edition
  • PS5 Watch Cron - PS5 availability monitor for and
  • PS5 Inventory
  • Amazon Python Bot - Amazon Python bot to automatize the PS5 stock checking and buying in case of availability
  • PS5Amazon
  • Gamestop PS5 Bot - notifies you via e-mail when a PS5 is available, only works on the GameStop website at the moment
  • PSHigh5 - MacOS Swift 5 script that continuously checks for PlayStation 5 stock on Sony's website and alerts the user when either the store queue or product stock is detected
  • PS5Tracker - scrapes websites every 5 seconds, if found it will send a telegram message
  • DA PS5 Preorder Bot - This script will not order a PS5 from a site, it will only tell you that ones in stock
  • PS5Bot - This is a Scapler Bot for the PS5
  • PS5 Order - Script to warn about PS5 availability
  • Check Stock for PS5 - a webpage scape script for checking PS5 stock, if PS5 is available this script will trigger a beep sound to warn you
  • Canada PS5 Stock Checker - Stock checker for ps5 drops
  • PS5Bot Fork - Bot to place order for a PS5
  • PS5Alert - implementation of PS5 direct page auto refresher, works only for Windows
  • PS5 Selenium Bot
  • PS5Stock - A simple PS5 direct stock checker, pulled off the RTX 3080 so figured I might as well try my hand at getting a PS5
  • PS5Watcher - grabs a launch PS5 in Europe
  • PS5AVAIL - Docker script
  • GMD PS5 - Get Me Dat PlayStation 5
  • Watch for PS5 - A puppeteer program to check for PS5
  • PS5_Alert_Bot - Selenium Python script
  • PS5 Bot Achraf
  • Walmart PS5 Inventory - A tool to check if Walmart has PlayStation 5 Stock
  • PS5 Stock - A PS5 stock scraper
  • OperationPS5 - Get Alerts for PS5 availability, Python check to find PS5 in stock
  • PS5CheckerBot
Needless to say, through the holiday season there will be plenty of new scripts popping up so keep an eye on PlayStation 5 Github for the latest additions... and happy PS5 hunting everyone!! :sneaky:
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Finally an even playing field, eh? Though I'm kind of worried about delivery drivers stealing the systems now, so I might wait until they're in stores.
Locally I've seen a few PS5's being resold new for between $550-850 each, however, the majority of them are still in the astronomical $1000-1100+ range on Craigslist, Facebook, etc.

If everyone ever gets a second stimulus check I imagine those prices would soar even higher... all for a console to play video games. o_O
Best thing is just to never ever give resellers a market, so they'll just keep stuck with them... As soon as they're willing to resell at a lesser value than retail, maybe I'll reconsider
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