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I updated my Vita to 3.61 before finding out about henkaku. I found someone to trade vitas with and now I have a hacked 3.60 Vita. Does anyone know if I can transfer my psn downloaded games to my PC then after I format my cards on my new 3.60 Vita I want to transfer them back to my cards.

I don't want to re download every single game and my cards won't work without formatting because they have been used on a Vita with 3.61. PLEASE HELP!


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It appears the consensus is 'no' based on the replies to a similar topic on Sony's forums, but there are a lot of non-Sony utilities out there too... I'm just not familiar with them personally as I don't have a Vita.

Does anyone else here know of an easier way than re-downloading all the games from PS Store again to transfer the games after formatting the memory cards?