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(Elgato Game Capture HD60 S) on the PS3

Things you Need
  • Any PS3 Model
  • Elgato Game HD 60 S
  • Hauppauge - HD PVR 2
Step. 1 Hook up your Hauppauge - (HD PVR) with the PS3 Component AV Cable as usual

Step. 2 Setup the PS3 Using the PS3 Component AV Cable as usual

Step. 3 The HDMI Cable you would Usually plug into the Back of your TV. Instead plunging it in to the TV, Plug it into the Input of the Elgato Game HD 60 S

Step. 4 From your Elgato Plug in the Type C USB Cable Into your PC/Laptop. Then from there you should be Good to go. :)


So why all of this ?

Because the PS3 HDCP & (The lack of a Splitter)
So I had to improvise with the things I had around Me and it Work !
I just used the Hauppauge - (HD PVR) as a Splitter and Used The Elgato Game HD 60 S
As The Main Capture Device.
Hope this can help out others and Good Luck
No problem bro. Glad to share it with everyone here.

Also in that Video I was showing a sneak peek of My MK9 RTM Tool I just recently Updated so it can now work on 4.82 CFW/Rebug.

I will also be updating My other RTM tools for the PS3 and I'm also working on adding more to Mortal Kombat 9 Tools So keep a look out and Thanks.
I bought one of these to replace my old video capture device, the AverMedia Extremecap U3, because it wasn't working properly. What's weird though is that the U3 seems to just ignore the copy protection on the PS3, which is quite annoying because I wanted to get rid of it but now it looks like I'll either have to keep it to record PS3, or invest in yet another bit of bloody hardware.

When I say "one of these," I mean the internal PCI-E version. Also, doesn't using the component video out reduce the image quality? I mean I thought that was kind of the point as to why they wanted digital copy protection in the first place?
I still prefer using a cheap chinese HDMI splitter to circumver the HDCP. It's a simpler solution and very cheap as well. Thanks for the information, though!
@Nino Z
At the time I did not have a HDMI splitter for the PS3, although I did have the Hauppauge - HD PVR 2 for the PS3.

And When I started doing videos for PS4 I wanted something fast so I came across Elgato Game HD 60 S and eventually I wanted the same speed.

For the PS3 but the damn HDCP stop me for using Elgato Game on it. So I improvised by combining the two and By surprised it worked. I was only using the things I already had around me and decide to share it with others.

Hope to help anyone that fell into the same predicament that I was in.
Hi... I heard that the Elgato Game Capture HD60 just deals with the 360, the Xbox One and PS4 and not on the PS3.

What you should get is a HDMI splitter, and you associate the HDMI link for the ps3 or catch card to the splitter