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Happy Turkey Day 2022! πŸ¦ƒ To kick things off, here's an I am Setsuna. v1.02 (4.50) PS4 PKG from @CyB1K (Cyberpt1000's Twitter / Ko-fi Page πŸ’—) via @jwooh alongside a Cyberpunk 2077 v1.61 (10.01) PS4 PKG from @opoisso893 (backport893's Twitter / Papayoux Page πŸ’—) for use on Jailbroken PlayStation 4 consoles in the PS4Scene! 🍁

Below are the related Tweets and PS4 FPKG file details from the ongoing discussion topics for Verified Members (Verification Guide):

:arrow: CUSA04770

I am Setsuna. (CUSA04770)

  • 04770.part1.rar (500 MB)
  • 04770.part2.rar (500 MB)
  • 04770.part3.rar(370.29 MB)
  • 04770U.rar (86.55 MB)
    • UP0082-CUSA04770_00-IAMSETSUNAGAME00-A0102-V0100.pkg
:arrow: CUSA16596

Cyberpunk 2077 - CUSA16596 v1.61 Full Game [7.50]

Release with original keystone by @opoisso893
  • Cyberpunk.2077_CUSA16596_v1.61_[7.50]_OPOISSO893.rar (62.31 GB)
  • Tested on my 9.00 PRO.
  • Not working on 5.05.
  • Backport has been tested on phat 6.72 and it does not work. Maybe he should work on PRO only.
For those who want to test on 6.72 or 7.02:
  • Cyberpunk.2077_CUSA16596_v1.61_BACKPORT_[6.72-7.02]_OPOISSO893.rar (123.01 MB)
:arrow: CUSA09209

The Sims 4 - CUSA09209 v1.00 [5.05]

Release with original keystone by @opoisso893
  • The.Sims.4_CUSA09209_v1.00_[5.05]_OPOISSO893.rar (10.16 GB)
The Sims 4 - CUSA09209 v1.67 [5.50]
Works with @opoisso893 release
  • The.Sims.4_CUSA09209_v1.67_[5.50]_OPOISSO893.rar (10.38 GB)
The Sims 4 - CUSA09209 v1.67 BACKPORT [5.05]
Works with @opoisso893 release
  • The.Sims.4_CUSA09209_v1.67_BACKPORT_[5.05]_OPOISSO893.rar (10.38 GB)
I am Setsuna v1.02 (4.50) & Cyberpunk 2077 v1.61 (10.01) PS4 PKGs.png



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It'd definitely be less time-consuming, however, I try to post at least one article a day to keep the site active. :)

Many days there isn't much that interests me beyond PKG drops, with some occasional PlayStation homebrew and mainstream news in the mix.

Unfortunately I lack the desire nor freetime I had 20 years ago to follow other scenes beyond PS4 and PS5, but we do have a News Submissions section for members to post on things that interest them we can format into articles for mainpaging... very few use it, but it's there. ;)


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How does Cyberpunk run on PS4 these days? Have multiple patches helped at all or is it still a bit bad?

Question is in no way a sign of anything but curiosity, btw. Tons of thanks for the effort as always!