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this thread is made so that every one owning a ps4 can start requesting for a custom firmware to be developed for the ps4



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The issue with this request is those who can make a PS4 CFW aren't willing to share it for various reasons, some of which include:
  • beliefs: they don't support backups themselves
  • credit: they don't want to release it anonymously because they want the credit, but also fear they would get caught in doing so (a catch-22)
  • drama: they don't want to be associated with scene drama and people bugging them for updates, game fixes, etc
  • income: they work for Sony or a third-party developer and don't want to see their games shared for free
  • legality: they are concerned that Sony may try to sue them like they did with GeoHot on the PS3 if they release such a thing
  • profit: they want to try making money through a re-DRM dongle or similar for-profit / closed-source device first
  • time: they don't feel the time is right yet, and wish to wait until the PS4's lifespan is further near it's end