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Following his PS4HEN Trophy Calculator release, developer OfficialAhmed shared Iconit v1.00 on Twitter today, which allows jailbroken console owners with PS4 HEN to change PlayStation 4 game icons without requiring an FTP client to replace them using customized images. :cool:

Download: Iconit (30.8 MB - Windows App) / (61.6 MB - Image Pack) / / / / GIT

From the Iconit-v1.00

No longer ftp client needed to change PS4 games icons. This tool will do it for you.

#What I'm capable of?

This application is much convenient than uploading the images manually for many reasons :-
  • This tool will take the game title and search for the CUSA type of the game from your system so you don't have to search CUSA of the game anymore

  • This tool will resize the images for you to the required size so you no longer need to use any applications or whatsoever to do that

  • Not only that but it also count how many images are required for each game (icon) some games require only 2 images while others require more so no longer counting them by yourself it'll count and overwrite them roughly 0.35 second per image resizing included

  • This tool will connect to your PS4 system through FTP directly so you no longer need FTP client applications such as FileZilla at least not for changing the game icons

  • This tool will work no matter how bad your speed connection minimum of 2kbps Upload and Download << The more speed you got the faster it'll perform >>

  • I added a Library ( that has lots of images for you to choose from BUT DO DONT forget to copy the image you'd like to use to Uploadit folder first

How to use Iconit v1.00 ? Make sure both PS4 and PC are connected to the same WIFI
    run [generate IP file.exe]

    open [PS4 IP.txt]

    replace XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX with your IP exp:

    replace Port if needed

    Go to Al-Azif's host run FTP

    run [Iconit.exe]
when connection success and asks for Game title
    write the game exp:[grand theft auto five] for GTA V #Do not include numbers in the title.
when Game ID found successfully and asks for icon name
    Copy & paste your picture name with the extension from Upload file exp:[test.jpeg] NOTE:Sometimes it detects the abbreviation of the game title exp:[grand theft auto = GTA] exp:[tricky towers = TT]
Let the magic begin ... have fun!!

Please help me develop the tool if you have any error report it OfficialAhmed0 I will be updating the tool in order to make it much convenient and easy to use and more importantly adding new features such as Change profile icon, save data icon etc. I might create a Full application.

I tried to change the wallpaper of the games that show up when the game starts (named :pic1) however every time I change it a black screen shows up instead of the image I use. The game starts just fine except the wallpaper any idea why? you can try changing them through fileZilla if you can fix it please DM me I will add it to the tool next update.

By the way thanks for reading.

Iconit PS4 Tool to Change PlayStation 4 Game Icons by OfficialAhmed.jpg



The problem with games leaving physical media and moving toward digital is that you never really own anything. Take Windows 10. It forces upgrades and breaks software that you may have paid for. VMWare Workstation is a good example. Windows 10 1903 broke VMWare for many users.

Jailbreaking today protects users from future updates that remove functionality on the PS4. Backups and homebrew are a nice bonus even if you have to forgo some current content. A second PS4 solves that.

Finally, having a community of jailbreakers today means that you'll probably have the community tomorrow when Gamestop and physical media distribution have truly ended.


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Almost every new thread there is a discussion about updating the ps4 or not. I ask myself - to hell - why why why...????

Do it - or do it not - but dont talk everytime the same thing - its not interesting for the other user.


PS4 scene is dead, nobody is working in a new stuff, if you want to keep your jailbroken PS4 do it and enjoy the old games, i update and use a PS4 savewizard and now i have a greaaaaat time.

In ebay you can buy accounts to play digital games and you pay less money for the game. I bought Resident Evil 2 for $20 US, Not free but at least enjoy my PS4...


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@TwojaStaraWOC Orrrr.... save up money instead of spending $30 to $50 on a game and buy a second PS4 to play the new releases, there are tons of free games playable on 5.05

Normal/Causal are cheaper than Jailbroken consoles, new 4 to 5 games in price equals a new PS4 it's a simple math really XD


I updated my console a long time ago, but there are a lot of people who haven't done it because they believe that jailbreak will be released.
And they don't even know what mistake they are making.


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This thread is about Iconit, stop posting about updating and getting off of HEN (this is disrespectful to the tool and the releaser going off topic).

Thank you OfficalAhmed for your tool, and apologizes for people hijacking the thread to discuss updating.
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