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PS3 CFW and Hacks       Thread starter batman       Start date May 28, 2017 at 8:36 PM       8,554       12      
Hello Guys.

I am very happy to contribute to the scene community with UDK Ultimate Engine, and I am more happy than ever because now anyone can create cool 3D games for PS3 :)

However, I am now trying to get a way to make UDK Ultimate run on OFW, I know it's almost impossible, however I was trying the PS3 backup injection methods, and for my surprise, I was able to inject the UDKUltimate Demo Game (which comes with UDKUltimate inside the UDKGame PS3 Template).

The game showed up on XMB inside a folder of installed PS3 Games on disk, the icon appeared and even the background image appeared as well. The name of the game was showing up correctly. But the problem is that whenever I clicked to start game, it did not work.

I was first using the original EBOOT.BIN, which, in case of UDK Ultimate, is a NPDRM EBOOT (CONTENT ID), because this is a pkg game.

Whenever I clicked on the game icon to launch, it launched, went to a black screen, then I received the error code 80010017.

Then I got the orginal UDKGame.ELF (the compiled output PS3 binary , the original file), which is a fake self (debug eboot), I renamed it to EBOOT.BIN, then by using True Ancestor Resigner, I decrypted this eboot.bin to eboot.elf, the same procedure I have done when resigning the eboot.bin to NPDRM.

However, this time I resigned it to NON-DRM Eboot using True Ancestor Resigner, however this time I changed to resign to firmware 4.XX ODE (I supposed that ODE uses OFW, so I imagined that an ODE EBOOT should work on OFW (I don't know too much about resigning EBOOT, as I said, it was @PixelButts the guy who helped me to create the PS3 Game Template and resigned the EBOOT).

So after I resigned the EBOOT.BIN to 4.XX ODE using True Ancestor Resigner, i tried to inject this to my backup.

I entered on my PS3 Super Slim 4.81 OFW, made a backup of my PS3, then copied this backup to True Ancestor Backup Retailer folder (backup).

Then I copied the UDK Ultimate Demo Game Folder to True Ancestor Backup Retailer folder (GAMES), just changed the folders structure a bit, I moved all the files to a parent folder PS3_GAME (because on the original game folder there is no PS3_GAME).

Then I tried to inject this to my backup, however TABR informs me that I need a game update (patch) to place on the folder (game).

So long as UDK Engine Game is based on Unreal Tournament 3, so I downloaded the only game update patch available to UT3 PS3 using PS3 GAME UPDATER V1.52 to understand how is the files structure of the update (I extracted the pkg).

So after seeing how is the update folder structure, I created my own update (I just duplicated the same game files, however changing the param.sfo to game data instead of HD game).

Everything in place, and now having my own game update, I came back to True Ancestor and tried injecting it again, and now, it worked!!! ALMOST :( :(

Again the game showed up on XMB, however it did not start, however, the error message now was different, I received the error message an error occurred during the start operation 80029530.

Is possible to find a way to resign this eboot.bin to make it work on OFW by the PS3 Backup Inject Methods?

Any help is welcome, and if this is possible, then this will be a REVOLUTION ON PS3 SCENE, this will be the FIRST AND ONLY GAME ENGINE TO DEVELOP GAMES WHICH RUN ON OFW.

Please help me brothers!!!
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You've done a fantastic job with the UDK Ultimate project @batman so I've moved and mainpaged this discussion thread now so more people who use PS3 OFW injection methods will see it and hopefully can lend us a hand <3

Another resigning utility you could try is ESSSE Resigner from bigjokker (aka @hesvhytg).

Download: ESSSE RESIGNER v4.5.4.rar (8.53 MB) / ESSSE RESIGNER v4.5.4.rar (Mirror) / ESSSE RESIGNER v4.5.4.rar (Mirror #2) / ESSSE RESIGNER v4.5.4.rar (Mirror #3)

Some quick error code reports from the DevWiki also:
  • EAUTHFAIL - 0x80010017 - Failure in authorizing SELF. Program authentication fail (Error starting BluRay game)
Related error:
  • 0x80028F08 - An error occurred during the start operation. (80028F08), when related to PARAM.SFO (with unsupported or corrupted Data ICON), can be resolved (not every time) by pressing triangle one time and launch the game from start or back from the ICON. When related to eboot.bin, combined with error 80010006 / 80010009 / 80010017, check the path for this type of eboot.
  • SCE_NP_DRM_ERROR_FORMAT - 0x80029530 - An error occurred during the copy operation. e.g.:when using export function to PSP (mal formed iso.bin.edat/EBOOT.PBP). An error occurred during the start operation. e.g.: CONTENT_ID don't match.


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Those errors numbers are the same we have with injected games,nothing new.

Eboot shouldnt be touched (80010017). We can inject everything on ofw(even multiman), but nothing works.

But : a pure DG eboot wouldnt work too, we need a "psn" pure eboot signed with the keys we dont have. So, until i can understand, we can not run anything on ofw without a legit eboot.

If we could do that with UDK, so we can do it with every game/app on earth.
It means we could have a cfw too.

Know nothing beyond this.
Good luck.


@PSXHAX: As always, thanks bro for giving me this support, for always promoting my project and helping me getting in touch with other developers :D

@PLAYER 1: Hello bro, thanks for the info. As I don't have experience with resigning EBOOT on PS3, because this I asked help here.

I would like to you answer another question, please: "we need a "psn" pure eboot signed with the keys we dont have"

So the resigners tools like true ancestor resigner, they don`t resign the eboot with the 3.55 keys which were leaked? And how people resign eboots for working with COBRA ODE, in example, because a PS3 with COBRA ODE is stil on official firmware, right?

Sorry for the noob questions here :)



PS3MFW Dev ~Team_Zer0~
The eboots are resigned via 3.55 private keys.
so sadly, it will only work on cfw/jb.
until real private keys get's leaked.


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For an injected game we need the eboot from the update, thats the rule, not a modified eboot. Nothing between the game and the system. To run a 3.55 signed eboot we need the environment of a cfw.

An ode device works in a different way, because its a piece of hardware attached to the bluray unit circuitry, so, the rules are different.

But we are talking about games, nothing more.

So i doubt could be possible to run another kind of program like UDK that needs another type of access to the system... without a piece of hardware like(i guess) an ode or similar, even the bd unit(?)

I cant say much more, im just thinking while writing this, maybe another guys here could elaborate a better theory.


80029530: Debug EBOOT.

I don't know how to make it look like a retail one, but may you compare your eboot and another eboot (possibly the base game).

Chaos Kid

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When signing files your enabling 355 keys specifically made for cfw. ODE has a method to bypass security checks on Games by using a game pkg which is faked itself. I know the game they use i have it


Hello guys, thanks for the info. I know, UDK Ultimate EBOOT.BIN will never work on OFW because it can`t be signed like retail games (private keys).

However, there is still a chance. The game Unreal Tournament 3 for PS3 supports MODs created on PC, custom maps, custom characters, weapons, almost full. Almost, because there are some limitations, like need to own the UT3 Game Disk to play on PS3 and install the MODs.

I have an idea, and I know if I be able to inject the game Unreal Tournament 3 on PS3 OFW without CFW, I may be able to hack, mod the Unreal Tournament 3 for PC to improve the PS3 Modding Support, like being able to change the entire game files, like Game Menu, and everything, simply because all the game logic and interface is controlled by Unreal Scripting, not by the game executable.

You can easily do this on PC, mod everything of the game UT3 for PC. And as I have the entire source code (unreal scripts) of Unreal Tournament 3 PC, and I have a tool to compile those scripts to PS3 Unreal Engine 3 format (*.XXX files), so my idea would be to modify the PS3 Game files in my pc, then inject these modified files on my PS3 OFW overwriting the original UT3 PS3 Files.

I am almost sure this will work, because it does not change the EBOOT.BIN, the EBOOT.BIN of UT3 PS3 will stay intact, no changes, only the game files.

So I want to try, and if that works, then I can port all the work and customization I have done on UDK Ultimate to Unreal Tournament 3 Editor for PC and PS3 Mod Tools, and then create a new version of UDK Ultimate for PS3 OFW Consoles.

For this I need the help of people here, who got experience in injecting games on PS3 OFW, to inject the PS3 UT3 Game on OFW. I CAN PROVIDE THE PS3 UT3 GAME BACKUP AND UPDATE, SO ANYONE CAN TRY TO SEE IF INJECTION WORKS, THEN EXPLAIN TO ME STEP BY STEP SO I CAN TRY ALSO.

Please help guys, this will be something VERY COOL if we can have a tool that allows us to create games and play on PS3 OFW.

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