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Following his Batman: Arkham Knight Free Roam Mod Menu PS4 PKG Port, Dishonored: Definitive Edition 60 FPS Mod PS4 PKG and Deadpool 60 FPS Mod PS4 PKG today PS4Scene developer @Wastelander121 shared on Twitter an Injustice Mobile Skins Restoration Mod PS4 PKG currently for the CUSA00051 version of the game. šŸ˜

Download: Injustice Mobile Skins PS4 CUSA00051.7z (75.8 MB - includes EP1018-CUSA00051_00-INJUSTICEULTIMAT-A0103-V0100.pkg)

Be sure to drop by the Mod Users Society Discord Channel for related PS4 mod help and support, and check out Wastelander121's YouTube Channel for his latest video updates also! (y)

From the Tweets below on the Injustice PS4 Mobile Skins Restoration Mod PKG: Force unlocks the following skins that are sadly now unobtainable due to WBID not being supported anymore.
  • Batman Beyond
  • New 52 Flash
  • Superman: Lockdown
  • Knightfall Bane
  • New 52 Green Lantern
  • Arkham City Harley
  • New 52 Black Adam suit
PS4 Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition: Mobile Skin Restoration Mod
Injustice Mobile Skins Restoration Mod PS4 PKG by Wastelander121.jpg


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