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We've covered the PS4 Full Debug Settings 4.05 Payload release, and today Tralala LS from French scene site shared a video demo of Trypeur installing The Last of Us Remastered 1.06 PKG game update (see the PlayStation 4 Package (PKG) Finder and PS4 Package (PKG) Database for more) via Debug Menu on an Exploited PS4 4.05 console using :)

This comes following how to Install PS4 PKG Files Using a Function vs Debug Settings and PlayStation 4 developer @flatz's demo of Custom Repacked PKG's, as the PS4 4.05 scene awaits Flat_z's Upcoming Release in hopes it will aid developers in porting code for running PS4 4.05 Game Dumps on jailbroken consoles.

To quote from their blog, roughly translated: "It is very hot right now on the PS4 scene with the famous kernel flaws of SpecterDev and all the payloads 4.05 that fall from the sky and the ability to boot linux. Debug menu now available simply with a payload, we see all the colors.

I recently noticed that it was possible to install game UPDATES with the PKG's installation menu on a previously installed game via a disc.

Be careful not to install an update requesting a firmware higher than 4.05, otherwise your game will start and you must erase your entire game to remove the update."
Update Game PS4 4.05 by Trypeur
How to Install Older PS4 Game Updates on Any PS4 7.02/7.50
Cheers go out to @bombob for sharing the video demo in the PSXHAX Shoutbox tonight! :beer:
Installing PS4 Game Updates on 4.05 via Debug Menu Demo by Trypeur.jpg



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That is my understanding, based on Google's rough translation... there are probably some native French speakers here who can let us know more details. :cool:


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This let's u install only the update of a game? Confusing. The how still we are not able to install full game.. anyways let's wait.


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It seems you can only download the most recent game update pkg from both linked pkg database sites. How did he acquire the 1.06 update when the most recent one is 1.09?

You can only download this one. And how did he know that the 1.06 update can be installed with 4.05? Guessing?


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That is my understanding, based on Google's rough translation... there are probably some native French speakers here who can let us know more details. :cool:
google made a great job, translation is very accurate..... "we see all the colors" is and idiom that either means (in italian) that we will have a lot of fun now, or that we can do whatever we want...
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