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PlayStation 4 developer flat_z has been researching RAPs and RIFs for years with one of the more recent PS3 RIF to RAP / RAP to RIF converters being RifConv GUI, and today he hinted at how to install PS4 PKG Files (Tutorial) with the function itself rather than through the PS4 Debug Settings. :ninja:

@BadChoicesZ in the Shoutbox briefly explained this and reminded us what @flatz mentioned on Twitter, that as you'll still need a RIF file to make the PS4 Package playable. ;)

Below are the related Tweets for PlayStation 4 developers and others interested:

libSceAppInstUtil.sprx: sceAppInstUtilAppInstallPkg("/user/data/XXX.pkg", 0);
And before anyone asks why this is news ( :LOL: ) it is because... IT'S FLAT_Z WHO SPOKE!!! <3

Finally, below are a few video demos of what appears to be installing PS4 PKG's on Debug / Retail Firmware from #MadPictures via @toni1988 in the Shoutbox!
The uint64 at +0x408 (or +0x8 from start of actual RIF data) is used to locate accompanying data in act.dat.
See 0x28C0D0 (verify RIF) and 0x289D20 (decrypt RIF) in SceShellCore.
Someone told me this is not working yet. That is not correct. PKG installs fine. The problem is you would need a license file to play the content. PKG must be on root of USB just like on 1.76. Exciting times....

Download: PS4_Function_Finder.idc / GIT

Installing PS4 PKG Files Using a Function vs Debug Settings.jpg
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I know the older methods linked above were working since the videos and guides were made back in 2014... so unless Sony blocked it (I don't recall reading that :confused:) they should still.

The Debug Settings were also added to the PS4 Webkit Playground months back.


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Hi, I've been lookin at the rif files from ripped ps4 games from the license folder as well as the ones on PSDev wiki.

This could be nothing cause i am not a dev or nothing just thought I would have a look round a few things, I was looking at the rif files and there is one line (00000260) that is the same in all rif files (apart from the top few lines) this is the string.

 33 D2 FA 8E 66 00 7B 67 E1 38 A8 64 8C B7 ED 06
like i said could be nothing, if someone else could have a look.

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