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Proceeding the WinesapOS 3 with Mesa 22.0.3 PS4 Distro, PlayStation 4 Scene developer @noob404 recently updated his blog and PS4Linux YouTube Channel with a video tutorial for installing Steam Deck UI on any PS4 Linux Distro alongside setup instructions courtesy of Skylect, to quote: šŸ§

SteamDeckUI Instructions for Arch-based PS4 Linux Distros

Instructions to setup Steam DeckUI. This has been tested on vanilla manjaro on a Macbook Pro, SteamOS 3 by Nazky and Manjaro by darkstorm.
  1. Install gamescope
  2. Install Steam, log in and go to settings, Steam Play and enable all other titles with Proton Experimental.
    Steam will want to restart. Allow it.
  3. In a terminal window run:
    steam -steamos3 -steamdeck -gamepadui
    This may fail with a download error or a statement of no internet. Ignore this and re-run the command. You should get an update. Let this install.
  4. Once it's done you may get the download/internet error again, this is okay as the update we needed did install.
  5. Close the DeckUI window if one was open. Ctrl+C in the terminal will do this or the x on the window.
  6. In terminal run:
    steam -gamepadui
    Steam should simply launch the DeckUI. If it asks for an update of around 190,000KB (at time of writing) cancel it or Ctrl+C the terminal window. If you get the update screen simply proceed to the next step, as long as it didnt fully download.
  7. Once the DeckUI has loaded, close it and in terminal run:
    gamescope -e -h 1080 -f -- steam -gamepadui -noverifyfiles
    The DeckUI should load now in full screen.
There will be a .sh file attached that simply runs this command. In order to close it, Alt+Tab to the terminal and Ctrl+C. Exit to Desktop is not working as far as I can tell. Do not take another update or you will most likely get a black screen on launch with gamescope.

If you do launch to a black screen, start this guide from the $ and make sure you only download the first update Steam gets. (During the first terminal command.)

If you use the .sh please make sure it opens in a terminal or execute it from within one. If you simply launch it, you will have to manually kill steam from a process manager or another terminal

.sh file no bash
.sh file bash

Note that when running this through gamscope game streaming will not work. It will launch the game and you will probably get audio, but it can't create a new window and give it focus in gamescope if you simply launch:
steam -gamepadui -noverifyfiles
after setup you'll be able to stream games from another PC. Though there will be very minor graphic bugs with the deck ui. Notably that the steam menu causes the background to go transparent, letting the desktop view thru.

Install Steam Deck UI on Any PS4 Linux Distro | Detailed Tutorial

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The video shows you the steps to set up Steam Deck UI as a boot option on any Linux distro running on PC, PS4 or any other device. Using this tutorial, you will be able to boot directly into Steam Deck UI on PS4, PC, etc. running any Linux distro (Ubuntu, fedora, Arch, etc.)

:arrow: Boot into Steam Deck UI on any Linux distro (PC or PS4) ā€“ Detailed Tutorial

Installing Steam Deck UI on PS4 Linux Tutorial by Noob404.jpg


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