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Proceeding PS4 Waker, PS4 Alexa and PyWakePS4 on BT developer Schnittcher made available on Github IPS PS4 which is module to control a PlayStation 4 console via IP-Symcon home automation software. 🏠 🤖

Download: / GIT

To quote via KaiS, roughly translated: Hello everybody,

Here is a module to control a PlayStation 4 via IP-Symcon.

:alert: On the PS4 must be checked under Settings - Energy saving settings - In sleep mode available functions - Enable the PS4 from the network enabled, otherwise waking the PS4 does not work!

From version 5.0

The following functions are available:

  • Wake the PS4 from sleep mode
  • Suspend PS4
  • Launch PS4 games / apps
  • Send Button: Up, Down, Left, Right, Option, PlayStation Button (PS), Enter, Back
What else is planned?

More information about the ongoing games.

The module can be installed via the module Store.
The documentary can be found here: PlayStation 4 | Your Smart Home
  • This module is still in the beta phase, I would be pleased about feedback or suggestions for improvement.
  • It took a lot of nerves to get this module up to this level of functionality.
  • Many thanks to Nall-Chan, who has given me food for thought and was hopefully not too annoyed with me. :D

And from the, roughly translated: IPS PS4

With this module it is possible to control a PS4 system via IP-Symcon. The module is still in a beta phase.

1. Functional scope
  • Wake the PS4 from sleep mode
  • Suspend PS4
  • Launch PS4 games / apps
  • Send button:
    • Up, Down, Left, Right
    • option
    • Playstation button (PS)
    • Enter, back
2. Installation

This module consists of two modules (PS4 and PS4 Dummy). The actual functions are available in the PS4 module. The PS4 dummy module is needed to link the Playstation to IP-Symcon.

Setup in IP Symcon

Github Repository in IP Symcon via Core Instances -> Modules -> Add Setup

Establishment of the instances

PS4 Dummy

The PS4 dummy is created under splitter instances. When creating the PS4 dummy module, a multicast socket is also created and opened at the same time.


The PS4 instance is created in the object tree.

Field Statement
IP address of the PS4 Enter the IP address of the PS4 here.
Auto login Here it is indicated, if waking the PS4, the user should be logged in directly.
Boot time Here the time is entered, which the PlayStation needs about to boot.
Update Timer Here the time is entered, how often the PS4 should be asked about the current status.
User Credentials Enter here the user credentials of the PS4 - see registration of IPS on the PS4.
Game List Here the games / apps can be entered, which are to be started over IPS.
Registration of IPS on the PS4

It requires the PS4 Second Screen app on a smartphone or tablet. Open this app on the device and search for new devices on the network. Now a PS4 with the name IP-Symcon should be found (this is the PS4 dummy module). Select this entry and the app will try to connect to IP-Symcon.

Below the PS4 dummy instance there is a variable Credentials. This should now contain a longer string, copy this string and enter it in the configuration form of the PS4 module under User-Credentials.

In order to complete the registration of the PS4, the IP-Symcon module must be authorized on the PS4 system under Settings -> Settings of the connection via the mobile app -> Add device. There an 8-digit pin code is displayed. Now enter this pincode in the configuration form of the PS4 instance in the Pincode field and click the Register button.

Now the PS4 should be linked with IP-Symcon.

3. Other

I came up with the idea to write an IP-Symcon module for PS4 when I saw the projects ps4-waker and python-ps4 on GitHub. Many thanks also to the two developers, who answered many e-mails.

Big thanks also to Nall-Chan, from the IP-Symcon forum, who helped me with the encryption in PHP.

Photo Credits

PlayStation logo

Icons made by Freepik from is licensed by CC 3.0 BY

4. Donations

This module is free for non-commercial use, donations as support for the author are accepted here: PayPal

5. License


:arrow: Finally, in other PlayStation Home news below is a video guide from NagatoRevenge on how to run PlayStation Home offline as part of a Preservation Project:

Download: (128.04 MB) / PS Home Commands

From the video's description: Hey everyone, it's me Nagato's Revenge and today I have a really special gem to share with you guys in this video! That's right your eyes don't deceive this is the first true method on how to boot into PlayStation Home after it's closing back in March 31, 2015. This build of PlayStation Home is a development build and is probably one of the earliest builds known to the public "0.8.9" I am truly excited to showcase this on my channel, because I was and I still am an avid PlayStation Home fan.

DISCLAIMER: This project is purely for preservation purposes, and this is just a bootable offline version not utilizing actual HDK files. Currently in this build we can only load up 3 scenes "Harbor Studio, Home Square, & Cinema". Hopefully in the future there will be further updates to this project, and perhaps we can run our favorite Home scenes. In the future there will be updates to this project, but consider this as a showcase/tutorial and a POC.

  • A Jailbroken PS3 that’s on DEX - I'll be using 4.84 Rebug DEX
  • PRODG Target Manager
  • A keyboard.
  • Patched HDK
  • PlayStation Home 0.8.9 Dev Files.Zip
  • HomeDeveloper.Self
  • Project Destination Home
  • Demon From Obscure Games: For your contributions, seriously thank you!
How To Convert Your Modded PS3 From CEX2DEX! "REX 2 D-REX"
How To Run PlayStation Home Offline In 2019! (Preservation Project) Tutorial/Showcase!
IPS PS4 Module to Control a PlayStation 4 via IP-Symcon by Schnittcher.jpg


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I am entirely sure of what this is able to achieve?.... But... something ...Maybe my spidery senses tell me this may ?? open up the ability to play the newest games on the PS4 ?

Maybe this is the GOLDEN Goose people have been yearning for for the past year or so ? Most probably totally wrong? But my gut says otherwise.

Best Regards,
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