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Following the PS4 Playground for Firmware 3.55 and PS4 3.55 File Browser, today PlayStation 4 developer qwertyoruiopz made available a PS4 4.0x WebKit RCE Exploit dubbed JailbreakMe PS4 4.0x with details via Twitter below! :D

PS4 Link (click go 3 times): / local rce.rar (3 KB) via Nesterwork / Local RCE v2.rar (6 KB) via Nesterwork / Local rce v3.rar (12 KB) via Nesterwork

According to the developer's Tweets below, the bug used is a stack uninit read yielding UaF and the actual exploit does nothing but give you read/write/infoleak arbitrary JS object primitives.

He also confirmed the exploit won't work on PS4 4.50 as Sony updated WebKit past a vulnerable version unfortunately, but it's still an entry point for those on PlayStation 4 OFW 3.55 through 4.07. (y)

C8MRP_eXkAAwFYE.jpgThat said, if you give it a try on a PlayStation 4 under 4.50 and receive a ffff000000000539 error prompt it's expected output for the exploit's success.

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Cheers to @DarkElementPL, @DoxyMarket, @hyndrid, @ryan111, @toni1988 and @vettegast for sharing the news in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! <3
JailbreakMe PS4 4.0x PS4 4.0x WebKit RCE Exploit by Qwertyoruiop.jpg



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Anyone know the required firmware version of Horizon Zero Dawn? Really wanna play it.


from wololo user: I dont understand , if a thief announced how to unlock your padlock of you house ???

I change my padlock with a new , or close the door whith a new sistem security

However I do not understand why the hackers "They do the same" announced an exploit but not the process or use for hack of the console ????

the response of sony are the same immediately update for the console losing the exploit , prison to the hackers , find him or legal demands.

if you want publish a exploit

"publish all"
(source code)
or simply be quiet

Hackers of all the world respect your work and of the others ,but if you wont troubles not announce nothing

neojared: mmmm is a mistake ?


Can someone help with a fast "?"............... I'm on 4.01 and wanted to try the jail break me ................. but how do you get around the ps4 making you sign in to use the web browser,............ so i can get to the jail break me link on the ps4's web browser.

i'm new to the ps4 hacking................ but I know how to and use a jail broken ps3.
i'm hoping rebug puts a CFW out soon for the ps4.

But thanks for all who comments and helps............. i just dont know how to use the web on my 4.01 ps4 with out updating and signing in, to use the web on my ps4.


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no we actually have both webkit and kernel exploit up to TOGETHER for up to 4.06 according to qwertyoruiop who has found BOTH, it depends on whether qwertyoruiop is going to release it (the kernel exploit part) or not! so there you have it.
Yes , the same that I think.

We have the webkit exploit , him have also the kernel exploit. :)

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