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Following the SND0.AT3 Guide and BMK AT9 & AT3 Converter, today @CougarDomin let us know in the Shoutbox that the cross-platform PlayStation 1 (PSX / PSOne) Audio / Video Converter known as jPSXdec by m35 has been updated recently! :veryhappy:

Download: / GIT

To quote from the jPSXdec

jPSXdec is a modern, cross-platform PlayStation 1 audio/video converter. Also supports extracting files and TIM images. Requires Java version 5 or higher.

Some advantages of jPSXdec over legacy tools of the past:
  • Generates higher quality output
  • Handles more unique movie types
  • Converts with the correct colors (most legacy tools did this incorrectly)
  • More accurate frame rate detection
  • Cross-platform (Windows, Mac, Linux)
  • Source code available
  • Usable from the command-line (for those so inclined)
jPSXdec is free for non-commercial use.

For developers and modders

jPSXdec offers the ability to replace XA audio, video, and TIM images. Some programming skill is required (see manual for details).

Additionally the PlayStation 1 STR video format is now well documented. View the latest version PlayStation1_STR_format.txt.

Source code

jPSXdec contains some modules of interest.
  • A pure Java real-time audio/video player
  • A pure Java API writer
  • MPEG1* I-frame encoder
  • Almost lossless translation of MPEG1* I-frames into JPEG images
  • JXTreeTable back-ported to Java 1.5
Great care has been put into the 100k lines of code.
  • Consistent code style
  • Easy to use API (makes common things easy and hard things possible)
  • Modularized so sub-packages could be incorporated into other applications
  • Great example that Java programs can be as lean 'n' mean as any other language
* PlayStation 1 video frames are nearly identical to MPEG1 I-frames.
JPSXDec PlayStation 1 PSX PSOne Audio Video Converter by M35.png



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just install play manager 1.10 and put your bin,cue in a folder named as the game title (no rules), inside the PSXGAMES folder on your usb fat32. a jpg no too big named as COVER and enjoy, that is old news.

that manager allows you to set region, widescreen, emu type and some more.


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it is so easy as you to read what i wrote, its an ancient feature, but nobody use it, i do. Even for you is a novelty... Any iris fork can do it a lot better than multiman, just try it.

To clarify: FAT32 root - PSXGAMES folder - Time Crisis folder - bin/cue or iso.
To see a cover: any jpg you like named as COVER next to the game bin or iso.
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