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This weekend developer @Xeeynamo of updated KH3SaveEditor on Github for Kingdom Hearts 3 to version 1.7.0 via Twitter adding support for KH2 PS4 game saves with a guide and additional revisions outlined below. :)

Download: / GIT

Kingdom Hearts Save Editor 1.7.0 Changelog:
  • Add Patreon integration
  • Add KH3 Playable Character with some 3D models
  • Add the missing maps dc_50 and sp_01 on KH3
  • Add PS4 save support for Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
  • Minor spelling fixes
Kingdom Hearts Save Editor 1.8.0 Changelog:
  • Improve performance when loading any save data
  • KH2: Add character editing
  • KH2: Add character equipment editing
  • KH ReCoM: Add card inventory editor
  • KH ReCoM: Add story progress editor
  • KH ReCoM: Add system flags and settings editor
  • Fix a bug where was not possible to load KH2 PS4 saves
Kingdom Hearts Save Editor 1.8.1-2 Changelog:
  • Fix Kingdom Hearts II save bug where the save was corrupted
  • Add Character mod, difficulty, experience and bonus level values to KH2 Final Mix
EDIT: 1.8.1-2 includes a fix on the Update window which was leading to a crash when trying to update to the latest version of the Save Editor.

Kingdom Hearts Save Editor 1.8.5 Changelog:
  • Add compatibility with 1.09 version of Kingdom Hearts III
  • Add minigames in the Inventory section (thanks to TALESIOFIFREAK)
  • Add secret reports (thanks to TALESIOFIFREAK)
Kingdom Hearts Save Editor 1.9.0 Changelog:

This release focuses on Kingdom Hearts III save editing functionalities:
  • Add new maps for Room Mod
  • Add story events for main game and DLC
  • Add new armors
  • Add DLC keyblades
And from the KH3SaveEditor

How to use it for PS4 games

You need first to get a decrypted save. There are two ways to achieve it:
  1. PlayStation 4 Save Mounter: If you have a PS4 with a HEN or Custom Firmware, you may want to use this free and fast tool: ChendoChap PlayStation 4 Save Mounter

  2. Save Wizard: If you do not have a custom firmware, you can obtain a copy of a decrypted save and re-encrypt it using the following paid software:
Once you get your save, just open it using the KH3SaveEditor from File\Open, then save it with File\Save. If you want to transfer back the file on your PlayStation 4, just follow the guide lines of the tool that you used for decryption.

Use saves from Kingdom Hearts 1.05

The latest version of the game converts your existing 1.00-1.03 save into a new version, creating a kh3sv2, which is a copy of kh3sv with few values changed.

The version 1.05 changes only three values when it converts your saves: the major/minor version goes from 1.2 to 3.1 (editable in Advance Mode) and the Max selfie count value goes from 100 to 200.

How to use it for PS2 games

The editor works on the raw save data from PS2 save game files. As long as you can extract the save slot from the memory card or from your favourite emulator, you can edit it. A native support for reading the save without extracting it from its container will come in a near future.

Kingdom Hearts Save Editor Adds KH2 PS4 Save Support by Xeeynamo.jpg


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