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Proceeding Inori's GPCS4 PS4 Emulator for PC, the PS4 / PS5 DevKit Leaks, Spine PS4 Emulator updates, RPCS4 PS4 Emulator in development and RPCS3 PS3 Emulator updates developer InoriRus recently added a Kyty PS4 and PS5 Emulator Project to Github with progress currently in the early stages. 🚧

Download: fc_script.rar (69.08 MB - Pre-compiled, includes fc_script.exe) / / GIT

This PlayStation 5 Scene emulation news comes after Video Game Emulators including Metal Gear (MSX) via WebMSX and Super Mario Bros in HTML5 running on PS5 alongside applications like RetroArch Web Player using the PS5 Web Browser... from the Kyty PS4 & PS5 emulator

The project is in its early stage.
Licensed under the MIT license.


Supported platforms:

  • Windows 10 x64
  • Visual Studio + clang-cl + ninja
  • Eclipse CDT + mingw-w64 + gcc/clang + ninja/mingw32-make
Supported versions:

Tool Version
cmake 3.12
Visual Studio 2019 16.10.3
clang 12.0.1
clang-cl 11.0.0
gcc (MinGW-W64 x86_64-posix-seh) 10.2.0
ninja 1.10.1
MinGW-w64 8.0.0
Eclipse CDT 10.3.0
MSVC compiler (cl.exe) is not supported!

External dependencies:
  • Vulkan ***
Cheers to @zecoxao for the heads-up on this via Twitter earlier! 🍻
Kyty PS4 and PS5 Emulator Project in Development by InoriRus.jpg



Would NASA/Google be the only ones able to run this when it's done?

Kyty PS5 emu requirements be like: "A computer that has Achieved Quantum Supremacy"


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@RollsA With the power of current gpus its not that insane to run it, as gpu shares a lot of the load nowadays compared to what it used to be the cpu only taking the load (correct me if im wrong, im not that expert on emulator related stuff, but i think thats right).

A current gen pc is still way higher specs than a ps5 and then it also comes down to how polished the emulator is. Look at the ps3 one for example, some time ago it would struggle with a lot of games, now i can set it to a whooping 10k resolution and i still get 60fps consistent with i9-9900k and 2080 ti (Yes i know its not a ps5, but we wouldnt be emulating ps5 at 10k either)

Either way, this is a thing of years of work, so by the time this is finished, IF it is, we should have already even beefier parts (If silicon decides to return to our lives lol)