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Following the River Raid PS4 PKG Preview and his recent Easy PKG Extractor, PlayStation 4 homebrew developer @Lapy released a River Raid 1.0 PS4 PKG today on Twitter for those with a Jailbroken PS4 5.05 / 5.07 Console or who plan on Locating a Jailbreakable PS4 Console to enjoy this classic River Raid reboot! šŸ˜

Download: Lapy's River Raid 1.0 PS4.pkg (143.1 MB) / Mirrors / Lapy's River Raid PSVita.rar (45.9 MB) / Lapy's River Raid - Windows.rar (21.6 MB) / Lapy's River Raid Android.apk (33.2 MB)

He states the following in the Tweets below on Lapy's River Raid 1.0 PS4 FPKG release, to quote:

This comes to you thanks to my friend djmega818. Enjoy it and I hope to see who breaks my score. Remember to share it with the #LapyRiverRaid.
Lapy's River Raid (PS4 Homebrew) via MasterTurkey
Lapy's River Raid 1.0 PS4 PKG Homebrew Game by Lapy05575948.jpg


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