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Following their previous Dirt 5 PlayStation 5 footage, today Codemasters made available a fresh Dirt 5 PS5 gameplay trailer featuring ice racing under fireworks on the frozen East River at Roosevelt Island in New York City. โ„ ๐Ÿ ๐ŸŽ†

Check out the latest Dirt 5 gameplay trailer on our PS5 Forums below, and from the video's description:

Our latest DIRT 5 early gameplay takes you to New York, with classic Ford and Peugeot rally cars battling on the frozen East River!

This Ice Breaker event by Roosevelt Island is at the dead of night, with incredible lighting, atmosphere and fireworks making for a unique racing experience. Up to 12 cars can do battle in Ice Breaker events, with multiple layouts and locations available.

DIRT 5 launches on November 6 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, followed later this year by next-gen consoles. Players on current-gen consoles are entitled to a FREE upgrade to the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 version, which include 120fps modes.

Pre-order DIRT 5 Amplified Edition for three days early access, exclusive cars and the keys to every single post-launch addition to the game!

DIRT 5 Gameplay | New York Ice Racing Under Fireworks! | Xbox Series X / Series S, PS5

DIRT 5 | Xbox Series S | Official Next-Gen Gameplay

For the very first time, check out footage of DIRT 5 running on Xbox Series S. In this video, you're seeing our awesome rock bouncer take on a challenging Path Finder event in Italy.

DIRT 5 also utilises Smart Delivery across Xbox One, Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X, meaning you'll get the most optimised DIRT 5 experience, no matter the console you play on. Following our launch on PC and current-gen consoles on November 6, DIRT 5 will be a launch title for Series X and Series S on November 10!

DIRT 5 also launches across both generations of PlayStation consoles this year, again offering a free upgrade system across their hardware. PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of DIRT 5 include a 120 frames per second option for even more immersive gameplay.

DIRT 5 PS5 Gameplay Racing Through a Morocco Sandstorm!

Get a look at how DIRT 5โ€™s extreme dynamic weather can transform a race in this gameplay video, with super-light machines racing in Morocco and battling through an ever-approaching sandstorm, which engulfs the circuit mid-race.

Land Rush events like these in DIRT 5 bring off-road terrain and extreme routes for rough-and-ready cars, available across multiple locations in the game.

Pre-order DIRT 5 Amplified Edition for three days early access, exclusive cars and the keys to every single post-launch addition to the game!

Latest Dirt 5 PS5 Gameplay Trailer Features Ice Racing by Codemasters.jpg


its me

Senior Member
like a need for speed ripoff.
and if that's the ps5 graphics pfff looks like sh!t
the cracks in the ice looks like lightning.
sorry not that great at first look


Staff Member
Senior Member
I like racing games but this one does not look very good, maybe some of the other tracks will be better.
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