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As promised in his last release, PlayStation 4 developer @Markus95 (Twitter) returns bringing two more Dragon Ball FighterZ PC mods for PS4 as homebrew PKG files. :D

Download: MOD_DBFZ.rar (647.47 MB)

Included in the file pack is an Ultimate_Shading_ALL.pkg, Modv1.pkg and Modv1+Shader.pkg (V1), Modv2.pkg and Modv2+Shader.pkg (V2) and restore.pkg to restore the database by removing the modifications.

To quote from his latest update on, roughly translated: 2 New Dragon Ball Fighter Z Mods for PS4

As promised on the previous news, here are 2 new Mods for Dragon Ball Fighter Z on PS4.

Always modified from the PC versions (available here), these 2 PS4 Mods contain new skins for some characters of the game as well as a celshading effect for all the characters and all the colors.

I have divided the mods by versions and by "celshading effect", so you will find in each folder a normal version (ModvX.pkg) and a version "cel shading" (ModvX + Shader.pkg).
  • Normal Version (modv2)
  • "Cel shading" version (modv2 + Shader)
Only the mod Ultimate_Shading_ALL.pkg contains the Cel shading effect for ALL the colors of the characters, in the modv1 + Shader and modv2 + Shader only the 1st color has the cel shading effect.


  • Goku normal form (you need goku ssj blue)
  • Goku SSJ3
  • Vegeta normal form with sayen armor
  • Goku Black normal form
  • Gohan of the future
  • Gohan young normal form
  • Gotenks normal form
  • C18 casual shape
  • Freezer form 100%
  • 2 courses: Snake Route and Universe Tournament
  • New intro
  • Goku SSJ2
  • Goku Blue ripped out
  • Goku Black SSJ3
  • Gohan version Tournament of the universes
  • Hit Manga version
  • Super Vegeta
  • C18 casual shape
  • Freezer form 100%
Mod Ultimate Shading:
  • Cel shading effect on all the characters and their colors
  • No modification on the characters
These mods install on the CUSA08992 version of Dragon Ball Fighter Z, a simple PKG to install like any other PKG by the Debug menu of the console.

You can install only one mod at a time, every time you install a mod, it will overwrite the previous one.

I added restore.pkg which will allow you to erase the mods installed on your console, I advise you to restore your game with this .pkg before installing another mod on your PS4.

Latest Dragon Ball FighterZ PC Mods for PS4 by Markus95.jpg
Latest Dragon Ball FighterZ PC Mods for PS4 by Markus95 2.jpg


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