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Yesterday we saw the release of VPKTool 1.8, and today following his previous revisions PlayStation Vita developer BeniYukiMai updated MaiDumpTool for PS Vita to MaiDumpTool_V233.2zEx.vpk with English translated versions from LioMajor and details below.

Download: MaiDumpTool_V233.2zEx.vpk / Latest MaiDumpTool / MaiDumpTool GIT / MaiDumpTool_V233.2zEx_eng.vpk / MaiDumpToolEN GIT (English) / Latest MaiDumpTool (English)

Here are the last few changelogs, roughly translated via his Releases page:

  • Support for stubborn games such as dumping the root (other previously can not run the game can also use this version to try, especially u3d ...)
  • May have solved some strange bug?
  • I never thought that one day I would hook my program ...
  • If you can dump some Japanese version of the game I may be more happy ...
  • 2z2 will be loaded in 5 way to keep loading 6 (dlc directory is still the game directory / dlc)
  • Dump automatically when the ban standby (of course you have to manually click I can not ....)
  • Automatically scan for malicious code during game installation
PSVita MaiDumpTool Updates.jpg



sitting down with maidump and already you can see where sys_mount is used when you examine the binary.. so the Fl0W has a right to not like imitations ...


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I wish i still had a PS Vita i bought one and the thing froze like 20 mins after i got it and it wouldnt even turn off so i just returned it and never got another one

Chaos Kid

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Lice little app using mm and loading over npdrm and has encryption to keep everything hidden good luck all.

As for vita freeze power off then run in recovery let it boot up then recover as per usual fixed.
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