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Previously the PS5 rumor mill speculated that Sony would unveil the PlayStation 5 during a PlayStation Meeting on February 12th, however, according to an Anonymous user on 4Chan the purported PlayStation Meeting and PS5 unveiling will now take place a week earlier on February 5th, 2020. 😲

We'll add any updates to our PS5 News Forum as they're available, and below is what some consider to be a leaked PS5 image from the ongoing 4Chan discussion via to summarize from the topic's Original Poster (OP): PS5 "secret" information
  • More major PlayStation 5 news will be unveiled at a PlayStation Meeting event for the press/media on February 5, 2020

  • PlayStation Meeting will be held at the Sony Hall in NYC (Sony Hall is an indoor venue in which Sony sponsors and supplies tech inside the theatre)

  • The console design, controller, UI/home screen, certain features, console specs, talk from third parties/indie publishers, as well as announcements for PS5 exclusives will be shown.

  • Buzz words for the console's features include "little to no load times", "blazing fast downloads", "immersive controls", "modular installs for games, download whatever", "disc drive included", and "download the games, or stream the games as an option" (we're looking at you Stadia)

  • PlayStation Now plays a vital role. You can either access games through a subscription fee or own the games out right. Sony (for a limited time) will bundle a 3-month PS Now subscription with the PS5 in select regions in an effort to promote the service to many new owners

  • Remote Play is a big feature too, allowing to play your PS5 games on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Play those game anywhere, so long there's a Wi-Fi or cellular connection. The console will act as the database for those games to be streamed wherever

  • The PlayStation app on mobile gets updated for PS5, adding a new design and other features to enhance your PS5 experience

  • Backwards compatibility with all PS4 games is also a big feature. Through a new transferring features, users will easily transfer their PS4 games to the PS5 if those games are downloaded. Save data/backups for PS4 games will also be transferable

  • Backwards compatibility is such a major feature, that games from all 5 PlayStation platforms (PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3 and PS4), will be compatible on PS5, making it an "ultimate PlayStation console", putting an emphasis on past and present gaming. More details about backwards compatibility will be discussed at a later date, especially at E3

  • DualShock 4 controllers, PSVR, and other PS4 accessories will be forwards compatible on the console as well, making it easy for existing PS4 to transition to the PS5 as well

  • Gran Turismo 7, MLB The Show 21, Demon Souls Remastered, Godfall and Legendz (new IP from SIE Santa Monica Studio) are some of the launch titles for the console

  • Other games are teased, such as a new Horizon game, new Spider Man from Insomniac, new Crash Bandicoot game, new sci-fi IP from Naughty Dog, new IPs from SIE Japan and London Studio, Final Fantasy 16 and a new Resident Evil title

  • PS5 will launch worldwide in October 2020. Priced at $499 USD / £449 UK / €449 EU / ¥54,999 JP

  • Launching in one model only. No "pro" model at launch

  • Specs to be almost on par with Xbox Series X (which will be $100 more), and more powerful than Xbox Lockhart (a console that's $100 less with 4TFlops of compute power compared to the PS5's 10TFlops)

  • Press/media will go hands on with the PS5 and it's software demos after the presentation. Expect lots of news coverage that day

  • Pre-orders for the PS5 will go up on the same day in select regions

  • Sony will return to E3 for 2020 to discuss more on the PS5 and other upcoming titles

  • "IT'S TIME TO PLAY." is PlayStation's new slogan for the PS5 and the brand as a whole
Have a good one. ;)

:idea: While some of the above information has been detailed before such as a post-launch PS5 Pro Model, Godfall for PS5 and the suggestion of Enhanced Backwards Compatibility proceeded by the recent PS5 Logo reveal, if the allegedly leaked PS5 image below is supposed to be that of a retail PlayStation 5 console it's definitely a radical design change from the PS5 Development Kit images... although that's no surprise either as history often tends to repeat itself. 🔁 :unsure:
Latest PS5 Rumors on Sony PlayStation 5 Unveiling Date, Price & Specs.jpg



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To me it looks almost like an "X" shape... seems odd for a PlayStation console but wouldn't be for an Xbox design perhaps. 😄

If it's legit, the image may be leaked from a factory making the plastic mold for the PS5 as it doesn't appear to be a finished product in the pic.


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Those list included price are still rumors. I am not excite yet. I will sit back and wait for fact information. The rumour is very silly and easy misleading and confused us further.


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Typically leakers are privy to a limited amount of details, usually those most closely related to their field on a need-to-know basis in attempt to minimize leaks.

As such, while some aspects may be inaccurate chances are others will be spot on... only time will tell when Sony officially unveils PS5 to the public. 😀


I don't care about design and really liked the devkits for their ventilation.

These new consoles will kick a TON of heat. They need ventilation or they'll last about 3 weeks. Whatever design gives us that I'm cool with (no pun).

The Xbox chimney design is quite smart, tbh. If they have a fan to push up and another up top to push out it'll be able to stay cool.

Sony can't make any case like they have before and expect it to do the job without sounding like 100 PS4s playing GOW tied together.


Backwards compatibility for PS1, PS2, PS3 and PS4 is a must for me, especially the Day 1 edition of the console. Sony can screw the later editions if the want but that Day 1 please... keep it this time 👌
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